Empowering Photographers to Automate Their Social Media like Never Before

Your photos & captions are now seamlessly connected with Plann, the world’s best all-in-one auto-scheduler, content calendar, and designer!

Supercharge your Social Media Workflow

Create & Save
Social Media Captions

Customize your social media captions on any image directly in your CloudSpot dashboard. Tag vendors and add hashtags all in the same place you manage your photos and galleries!

I love this CloudSpot feature! It makes it so easy for me to promote my business!

Esteban Gil

Import Your Collection
Photos & Captions

Through CloudSpot’s revolutionary integration with Plann you can import your dashboard photos and saved Captions within seconds!

Schedule Your Calendar
+ Automate Your Posts

With your images, Captions, and important tags imported into Plann, you can schedule posts weeks or months in advance!

Plann helps me see the big picture on Instagram and allows me to be intentional, strategic, and have fun with it all without the pressure of posting in real time!

Jenna Kutcher

Curate Your Perfect
Grid in Seconds

Once your images and Captions are imported, seamlessly drag and drop your posts to curate your grid with Plann!

Posting to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest Took Forever...Until Now!

Getting images onto your phone, typing out your captions, and breaking away from your workflow made posting to social media insanely frustrating. We set out to streamline everything to help you succeed.
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The Ultimate Photographer's Guide to Social Media!

Promote your work on social media without sacrificing your time, sanity, and creativity. With the right tools and strategies up your sleeve, you can turn your photos into a powerhouse online portfolio that grows with you!
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