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Impress Every Client with a Beautiful Gallery

Deliver your photos in the most professional way. Your images are easy to view, share, and download on any device.
  • Customizable layouts
  • Your logo & watermarks
  • GIF & multi-file uploads
  • Digital downloads
  • Client Mobile Apps
  • Favorites
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Provide a Grandma-Proof Download Experience

One click is now all it takes for clients to be obsessed with their photos. Add an instant download link in the very first email and skip the confusion!
  • Control image sizes
  • Add your watermark
  • Limit downloads
  • Set link expiration
"We've delivered digital images for years. First on CDs, then on little USB drives. Now we send a link to the client for them to download right away. It's way easier and our clients are always impressed!
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Simplify Your Business with Studio Management

Organize clients, send professional contracts, automate invoice payments, and more! Keeping track of everything just got easier.
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Supercharge Your Social Media with CloudSpot and Plann

Create and save Captions and wedding vendor tags on images you want to use for your social media posts. Then import and automate everything with our ground-breaking integration with Plann!
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Unlock Business Insights for Client Galleries and Storefront

Rest easy knowing you have visibility into all important aspects of your business and client activity. Notifications keep you on top of things across your entire workflow!
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Integrated with Your Photography Workflow


“CloudSpot has given me a program that I love, a team that I can trust and an amazing way to enhance my client's experience!”

Katelyn James

"I have been a free agent using Google Drive, and it wasn't the experience I wanted for my clientele. So when I heard about CloudSpot, I was initially hesitant, but it has made such a difference, and my customers love it."

Quincey Carter

"I am a new photographer, and using Cloudspot has elevated my business!  Creating and customizing my user experience is so easy.  Customers are thrilled & compliment me often.  This was the best move I made!"

Liza Hondros Photography

"I'm completely blown away with how high-end my galleries look & how easy it is to deliver. It gives me more time to focus on my clients!"

Emily Shafer

"CloudSpot has taken a service that has been overcomplicated by other services and simplified it without compromising features, customization or customer service, while also being more affordable. I don't know how they do it, but I am obsessed!"

Laura Miller Photography

"As a new photographer, this is everything my business needed to grow. It gives my clients an easy, unforgettable experience."

Maxine Clegg

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