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CloudSpot was built by photographers, so we know you'll feel right at home! Our team is here to help you thrive and get started as quickly as possible.

How it all Started
It was a few years into my journey as a photographer, and I was drowning to my workflow. My with was incredible at editing, and I was responsible for all things' technology, But after hustling for so long to build our brand, the end experience our clients were getting when we delivered their photos was horrible. It felt like an afterthought rather than a highlight. I knew it wasn’t something that would differentiate us or help any business grow.

It was one night at dinner that I started listing out all the things I needed in a platform that would empower me to work smarter and elevate every aspect of our workflow. It was there on the back of a napkin that CloudS pot was born!

Year later and now with hundreds of millions of photos shared by photographers around the world, our mission remains the same, Helping photographers succeed is at the core of all we do!

Our Vision

The real talk is that growing a photography business is tough! You wear so many hats on a daily basis; it can easily feel overwhelming. We exist to make things ridiculously easy for you and your clients. Helping photographers set themselves apart when it comes to the experience of delivering, sharing, and selling their work online is our passion.

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"CloudSpot has given me a program that I love, a team that I can trust, and an amazing way to enhance my client's experience! I couldn't be happier!!"
- Katelyn James, Wedding Photographer & Educator
Our Mission

Every thing we do is rooted to addling undeniable value to a photographer’s business by helping them save time, earn more, and easily create a beautiful experience for every client.

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