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With just a few clicks, give your clients the world’s most interactive shopping experience.

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Customized Storefront

Each client’s images are shown on the products you offer in their gallery to instantly draw them into the buying journey.

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Our Auto Fulfillment Lab Partners

Easily connect your Store to any of these pro labs and choose which high-quality products you want to offer. Then set your markup and start selling!

Zero Commission Fees*

*Call us crazy, but if you're on a paid plan with us we believe you should keep all the profits from every sale.


Augmented Reality
Product Previews

Every client can experience their photos on their own walls, in their own space! This modern tool helps them buy the perfect print or canvas every time.

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Sell Custom Products

Create and sell your own unique products to add seamlessly within your client’s shopping experience. You have full control!
  • Set your pricing
  • Add custom shipping
  • Add product variables
  • Sell alongside lab products

Sell Digitals

From single images to entire galleries, you can sell digital files of any size. We’ll automatically handle the delivery for you too!
  • Set download size
  • Sell single images
  • Sell full gallery
  • No fees

Discount Codes

Easily create the perfect promotion and discount type for any gallery to get your clients in the buying mood.
  • Percentage
  • Shipping
  • Fixed amount
  • Digital only

Create Packages

Easily bundle multiple Store products and sell them in your online Store for a flat price.
  • Add product images
  • Mix print & digital
  • Display package descriptions
  • Allow single image packages

Pain-Free Album Sales

Empower every gallery visitor to tell their story and create an heirloom book that will last a lifetime.

Stunning Quality

Each album is hand-crafted and printed on museum-grade photo paper.

Bespoke Finishes

From Premium Leathers to cameo covers and custom imprinting; the possibilities are endless.

Album Design Made Easy

With just a few clicks gallery visitors can create beautiful panoramic layouts and preview their entire book before they buy.

Cards for Every Occasion

Clients and visitors can easily design and personalize premium cards and envelopes within minutes directly in their gallery.

Foil Pressed

Foil Pressed

Card designs can be given a dazzling touch with a wide variety of foil colors on the front of most designs and layouts.

Printed envelopes

Printed Envelopes

Provide convenience for clients with premium envelopes and return address printing, recipient address printing, and pre-made designs.

Drag & Drop Design

Creating and personalizing holiday cards or special announcements has never been easier! Clients have all they’ll need in one place through your gallery to make their perfect design.

"I switched a month ago and already I have more print orders than I ever did using my last gallery! CloudSpot's user-friendly interface gets all the credit!"

Bailey Pianalto

"CloudSpot has made my client-facing side of the business so much more professional and elegant. I love having total control over how the public interacts with my images and being able to easily get paid for digital downloads is immediately impacting my bottom line."

Paul Baechtold Photography

"I love how my clients are able to see their artwork in their homes!  It really helps them visualize the space and help them feel completely solid in their printing decisions!"

For the Wildlings

"It's super easy to use and my clients love that they can have a personalized app on their phone! AND you can make money off of prints which is something I wasn't getting before. The customer service is amazing. When I first joined, they did a video chat and walked me through how to do things. It was perfect for visual learners like me!"

Kate Van Dorn Photography

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