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Liza Hondros

"I am a new photographer, and using Cloudspot has elevated my business!  Creating and customizing my user experience is so easy.  Customers are thrilled & compliment me often.  This was the best move I made!"

Liza Hondros
Liza Hondros
Quincy Carter

"I have been a free agent using Google Drive, and it wasn't the experience I wanted for my clientele. So when I heard about CloudSpot, I was initially hesitant, but it has made such a difference, and my customers love it."

Quincy Carter
Quincy Carter
Laura Miller

"CloudSpot has taken a service that has been overcomplicated by other services and simplified it without compromising features, customization or customer service, while also being more affordable. I don't know how they do it, but I am obsessed!"

Laura Miller
Laura Miller

How will knowing my cost of doing business (CODB) help me?

Financial Clarity
Understanding your costs helps you set realistic prices, ensuring your business is profitable and sustainable.
Efficient Operations
Knowing your expenses lets you optimize resources, make informed decisions, and operate your business more cost-effectively.
Smart Planning
Creating a budget, tracking expenses, and setting attainable financial goals results in smarter spending choices for gear, marketing, and other business tools.
Calculate your CODB free

Our mission is to help photographers build the business of their dreams faster and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "cost of doing business" really mean?
The term "Cost of Doing Business" (CODB) refers to all the expenses that a business incurs in order to operate and provide its products or services. For a photographer, this includes various expenses such as equipment costs, business software, insurance, marketing expenses, travel costs, and any other overhead expenses necessary to run their photography business.
How does this CODB calculator work?
This calculator will walk you through adding all the variable and fixed costs of your business. It will then get more information about your pricing, working hours, and financial goals as a business owner. Finally, you’ll be able to generate a downloadable report of the financial health of your business - all completely free!
Is this CODB Calculator free?
Yes! CloudSpot is a company founded by photographers and our heart is to truly help creatives succeed. This CODB Calculator was created to be a free resource to help creatives step towards building the business of their dreams!
Can I save my CODB report after filling everything out?
Absolutely! You can save a PDF of your report as well as adjust any variables at any time. This tool exists to help you and your business however possible!
What is CloudSpot and why did we build this tool?
Hey friend! CloudSpot is a platform designed to be the easiest way for professional photographers to manage their business, deliver photos, and sell their work online - all in one place with one low cost 🥳 We are dedicated to helping creatives succeed and made this free tool so photographers can more confidently price their services and reach their goals as entrepreneurs!