7 Social Media Tips for Photographers with Natalie Franke


e all know that entrepreneurship is synonymous with wearing multiple hats. I think there’s rarely a day in which I can sit down, and just focus on one aspect of my business — in fact, I can’t even remember the last day that happened. But that’s okay, because entrepreneurs are a different breed… and for that, I think you deserve a pat on the back. It’s tough navigating all the aspects of business ownership by yourself — and even with a small team, you’re still overseeing tasks and projects that may be unrelated to your particular skillset.

And while social media may be a new territory for some, it still presents major challenges for those who have been using it effectively for years.

But we’ve heard you, and we want to help answer the questions that every creative entrepreneur faces, because we understand the struggle you’re going through. CloudSpot is all about bringing ease to online photo galleries and providing the best gallery for photographers possible. We could’ve been passive about this (after all, we’re just a photographer gallery!), but instead, we decided to do something about it. We’re going to give back to the creative community and provide a free resource to help.

The first episode just happened to be about the confusing world of social media, and the amazing Natalie Franke shared some amazing pointers on how to sift through it all. So turn the lights down, grab a cup of coffee, and dig right in — there’s loads of great information waiting for you.

There’s always the opportunity to sign-up (for free) for the live airings, but we’ll be publishing each episode to the interwebs a month after recording for everyone to see, so make sure to join our CloudSpot Community page on Facebook to keep up with updates!