Alternative Photography for Engagements and Elopements


lanning a wedding can be exhausting and for various reasons, some couples don't want to go through the trouble. Thankfully, there is a beautiful, elegant, and sometimes alternative way of getting married without all the family and scheduling drama! ELOPE. If you're an engagement and elopement photographer or if you're trying to learn more about it, keep reading.

We reached out to McKenzie Bigliazzi, CloudSpot user and an alternative Colorado elopement photographer and planner for punk-rock, van-obsessed, non-traditional couples who want to elope without the complicated planning. She helps anxious couples who want to avoid family drama or don't like being the center of attention create a Colorado elopement experience that feels more like a road trip blasting your favorite bands and less like a wedding.

Learn from one of the best alternative elopement wedding photographers in the biz as we ask her questions about her experience! Take it away Kenzie!

What are the top 3 things you've learned as an engagement and elopement photographer?

Wow, this question is a deep one - I keep learning this again and again. Coming from shooting bigger traditional weddings, I learned that a lot of values can get thrown out the window in order to get that "Pinterest-worthy" wedding instead of focusing on what actually matters: being present and how you feel at the end of your wedding day. The industry is convoluted with advice and resources that deter couples from what is really important.

Transitioning into elopements, I learned that nothing else matters besides the feelings you leave your elopement with at the end of your experience. I can sit here and talk about logistics and what vendors that you should prioritize, but it's really not about that. It's about looking back at your elopement day and thinking "I wish we could re-live that day again and again" instead of remembering the day as stressful and "glad it's over."

In short - your story and journey should be the focus. The biggest advice I give my couples is to turn their elopement day into their perfect road trip out west with the best playlist. If we focus on what your ultimate day together will be, we can throw in vows & there, you're married on your perfect day ever.

What do you look for in an ideal photography client?

The client experience I offer is inclusive of all types of people and backgrounds. In my space, I will make sure clients feel loved, valued, and special. Just because clients are non-traditional, doesn't mean their wedding days are less-than. The experience I offer is laid back and custom to each couple I serve to put their priorities first.

How has using CloudSpot changed your engagement and elopement business?

CloudSpot has streamlined my gallery delivery process and allowed clients to get their photos without any problem. The system is so user-friendly on both the photographer and client-side. I'm saving so much time not having to walk clients through tutorials of the system. Clients love the Mobile App aspect as most of them find me on social media and they are used to using their phones. They love sharing their lives on the go and the CloudSpot Mobile App galleries make it super easy!

I have total control over each gallery that goes out with easily customized Call to Action buttons that allow me to control how and when clients get their photos.

I also love that I can upload GIFs to the gallery! It gives otherwise static images more personality. ❤️

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Do you want to say anything to other elopement photographers reading this?

Be okay with anything and everything that happens with your couples and let their freak flag fly!

These past two years have been DRAINING. If you're sick of business education and want to take your work out into the field, I offer education to other photographers. The course that I'm hosting is a Colorado Creative Workshop on July 12-13, 2022 to teach Non-traditional Posing & Lighting Techniques to other photographers.

Keep killing it! You're doing great! 🤘