CloudSpot Stands for Equality


t CloudSpot our collective hearts are broken and grieving at what we are seeing and hearing right now in our country.  

We abhor racism and the crimes and injustices it has caused in our nation. The Black community and society are hurting, scared, outraged, and exhausted. We want our community at CloudSpot to be a safe space to listen if you feel unheard. We desire change and wholeheartedly support equality, inclusion, and unity as our society fights against systemic racism.

We support our creatives around the world sharing their hearts and shining a light on ways we must all bring about lasting change. This is too important for silence.
Unequivocally, Black Lives Matter.

We echo these leaders and believe healing and change can happen. Our hope is we all take the time needed to stop, understand our role, listen, and learn. We respect that this process plays out differently for every individual, but let’s collectively have our actions speak louder than words to our families, businesses, and communities. If you believe it, live it.

To the many voices here within the CloudSpot family and beyond who are leading the way in starting these conversations and taking these actions – thank you. However we as a company can work to be a stronger ally for Black businesses, we will.

We want to continue to learn, listen, reflect, and do better in this…and we will. More to come.

Thank you to those fostering these opportunities to learn, getting us as a society out of our comfort zones, lovingly speaking truth, sharing resources for growth, and continuing to forge a path to change 🖤