Doughnut Send Your Food Photography Clients' Imagery the Old Fashioned Way


i, I'm Nathaniel Crawford! I have been a commercial food and lifestyle photographer for the Chicago/Milwaukee area for over eight years. I recently started food photography education and hosting food photography classes online and on Instagram @capturesbytkco. Along with showing behind-the-scenes food photography content, I am constantly working on improving my business and currently have a goal of photographing a cookbook. I get so many questions about my client relation strategies, so today, let's taco 'bout client galleries for food photographers. 🌮

We have all started somewhere in the food photography journey. We have all had failures: bake fails, big messes, falling equipment, and client image sending issues. During my years as a commercial photographer, I’ve used several tools to deliver image galleries to my clients. From using Dropbox to manually making my own templated gallery pages on my website, they all had downfalls and things I did not like about them. Dropbox wasn’t as customizable as I envisioned and my website templates didn’t have all the capabilities for viewing and downloading that my clients needed.

I needed to find a butter way. 🤓

I recently started using CloudSpot and it’s changed the game for me when it comes to gallery delivery! 🤯

I am now able to organize my galleries by the client with subfolders for each specific project. Unlike other gallery tools, CloudSpot has helped me stay so much more organized. I am also able to choose who gets to see the gallery, include specific folders, receive approval of images, and allow client downloads for social media and full resolution all in one place.

If I’m working with talent on a specific project, I can easily set up a second gallery and modify settings to keep everyone in the loop on what they need to see. 

Once a food photography project of mine is complete, I can add a gallery link to my website. I do this so new clients can view my most recent work. This has enabled me to book more clients for future food photography projects! That's kind of a big dill. 🙌

Some things are mint to be. CloudSpot truly leveled up my image delivery game and gives me a beautiful way of sharing images with my clients through the client galleries. If you're a food photographer and still using Dropbox or a manual image delivery system, it's thyme to level up to an online gallery service like CloudSpot.

Pasta la vista, baby!

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