Embracing Your Photography Journey Even When Times Get Tough


f we can agree on one thing, the photography industry has taken a big hit over the past few years. Whether it was the loss of client work, shifts in career, post-COVID burnout, or a combination of all three, you are strong and not alone.

Other photographers have had to remember why they started their careers in the first place. Let's help you get back to finding your "Why."

"Giving up on photography is way harder than giving into the struggle."

Ryann Lindsey - Destination Wedding Photographer and Educator

Earlier this year, we interviewed a few photographers at The Reset Conference who have felt the same struggle and want to empower you to keep going. If you have felt your passion for photography diminish, even in the slightest, this video is for you.

"For so many people, you are right on the cusp of something great, a rebound, or breakthrough. Just hold on and keep swimming. You have no idea what is on the other side."

Rob Greene - Photographer, Educator, and Host of The BOP Podcast

Photographers featured in this video:

Ryann Lindsey

Amanda Karis

Ashlyn Hughes-Rogers

Amanda Graves

Erica + Jon Hayes

Rebekah Albaugh

Rob Greene

Maddie Peschong

Michelle Franzetti

James & Jess

Stacy Savage