Four Easy Tasks for Photographers to Prepare for Facebook Marketing


acebook Marketing can seem like a scary thing to those who don’t know it, but BEFORE you start spending your ad dollars, you should make sure your website is ready and prepared to handle the traffic that will come your way.

Facebook Advertising is an important piece in driving traffic to your site, but, to make sure a visitor  to a client sale, the following four things should be in place on your website.

1. Setup Facebook Pixel on your site.

Facebook Pixel is a piece of coding that you need to install in order to remarket or retarget visitors. Here is a video I created to show you how to install your Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel is important to set up so that you can easily reach visitors who have recently engaged with your website. When the pixel is installed correctly, Facebook knows when someone visits; they know what page they visited and when. As a result, you can create some pretty AMAZING results. Things like custom audiences, retargeting campaigns, and more.

Once your Pixel is installed, you can create a custom audience using some unique characteristics! Here is some data you can collect to create an AMAZING custom audience:

●    All of your website visitors during the past 180 days.

●    People who visited a particular page or group of pages.

●    People who visited a particular page but not others.

●    People who visited during the past 180 days, but not lately.

●    People who executed certain events X number of times or valued at an X dollar amount.

●    People who were within the top 5%, 10% or 25% of most active visitors.

How photographers can create a Custom Audience in Facebook Business Manager.
This type of audience requires a source audience of just 100 people, but, due to Facebook's matching algorithm, it works much better when your custom audience is over 1,000 people.

2. Create landing pages.

Landing pages can be set up on many popular website platforms and are hidden from navigation so the visitor that clicks your ad can come to the exact page they were looking for. These pages are optimized for search (SEO) and are perfect for advertising.

For example, if I’m selling Lightroom plugins, brides are not going to be my target audience for that product! Instead,I would create a landing page (not on my website navigation) with that information so that photographers can purchase my product. If you are advertising a special that you only want people who click on your ad to see, you can set up a landing page specifically for that promotion.

3. Use research and targeting.

Many photographers target incorrectly when they lump various interests in an ad WITHOUT knowing what really works. One of the methods I use in research is called Audience Insights.

Audience Insights is a tool within Facebook Business Manager that allows you to customize your research based on interests. This Facebook tool allows you to better equip yourself to deliver meaningful messages to people. Click here to read Facebook's guide to Audience Insights.

Generating real, useful data from Facebook is incredibly easy using Audience Insights!

4. Conduct a speed test

Your website and mobile website need to be fast. A fast site will help you convert visitors easily and show up higher in search results.

To measure my website's speed, I use GTMetrix or DotCom Tools for testing in various locations. If you have a person that is managing your website, make sure they see the results of this test. It’s not only good for Facebook Marketing but overall good practice. A fast site can MAKE or BREAK converting clients.

Your website is the key component to a successful Facebook marketing campaign. You want to begin with your website, know who you want to target, and what actions you want your website visitors to take. In a service-based business, one website visit doesn’t result in a sale, but with consistent marketing and retargeting, the more value you offer your visitors, the more potential you can turn those lookers into bookers.

To find out more information about Chip and his team on  Facebook Ad, visit his website or grab his free FB Ad Guide.