How to Set up CloudSpot for Beginners


aymond Hatfield, Host of The Beginner Photography Podcast, is a wedding and portrait photographer that started interviewing photographers on his podcast to hear how they got started, how they see the world, and to hear those photographers share what they wish they knew when they started out.

In this episode of The Beginner Photography Podcast, Raymond walks through his recommended steps for setting up your CloudSpot Collections, Galleries, and Storefronts.

"As the photographer, getting your photos to your clients is the job. Sending your client a link to a Google Drive folder is less than ideal. Here you are, about to legitimize your business and your client's experience with a real client gallery experience like CloudSpot." - Raymond Hatfield.

Watch this video for Raymond's walkthrough on how to sign up for CloudSpot, personalize and brand your gallery, set up a print Storefront, and send your first gallery to your clients. It's free to get started!