Improve your Photography and Editing Skills with Amy & Jordan’s Free Online Class


eet CloudSpot Ambassadors, Amy and Jordan Demos! Amy and Jordan, high school sweethearts and parents of two children, are husband and wife wedding photographers and photography educators.

Amy & Jordan have taken the wedding photography industry by storm and continuously amaze us with their ever-expanding knowledge and willingness to educate. They have been CloudSpot photographers and Ambassadors since 2019 and we love partnering with them to expand the photography industry. They trust CloudSpot with their photography business and online galleries. We know you will love learning from them!

With 10+ years of experience as photographers themselves, the photography courses they have created have changed the lives of tens of thousands of photographers in their educational community! Below are a few of their online photography resources to help you improve your photography and editing skills! 

Free Online Class: 3 Pro Tricks to Take Better Photos

Learn photography from the comfort of your own home. Amy and Jordan are offering this FREE training where they break down three quick tips to help you take your photography to the next level. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to level up their photography with any camera! So… whether you are looking to take better photos of your kids on your cell phone or are hoping to learn how to use your fancy new DSLR, this training is for you! To learn more and to sign up for this course, click here!

Full Course: The Shooting & Editing Course

Learn to use the equipment you have to create beautiful images. If you find yourself frustrated with manual camera settings, tired of Googling for every answer, or intimidated by technical jargon, Amy and Jordan’s Shooting & Editing Course will change the game for you! This photography class will empower you to take photos you are proud of while editing them faster than ever before. 

Amy and Jordan are former elementary school teachers who are experts in making learning accessible, simple, and FUN for everyone. In their Shooting & Editing Course, you can expect to learn:

  • How to find dreamy light
  • How to compose images with impact
  • How to use your camera in manual mode
  • How to utilize depth of field to draw focus to your subject and develop your personal style
  • Basic camera settings and white balance, giving you more confidence behind the camera
  • How to cull for the best images, edit to match your artistic vision, and MORE! 

Expect to start finding yourself saying: “I can’t believe I took this photo!” as you cull through your images after leaving a session where you felt totally CONFIDENT behind the camera! Amy and Jordan walk you through every step of how to take professional images! Whether you want to take better photos of your family or are hoping to grow your photography business, this course is for everyone! 

To learn more about the Shooting & Editing Course, click here

Last, but not least

Amy and Jordan trust their CloudSpot when sending their client galleries. If you sign up for CloudSpot through their referral link, you will receive a 20% discount on your first 12 months and free image migration. Get started for free with this referral link and upgrade as your business grows.

*Data transfer and provider limitations may exist on image migrations. The CloudSpot team can let you know if you apply!*