Increase Reviews for Your Photography Business with a Call-to-Action Button


eeping your clients engaged after they receive their final gallery of images is a hurdle every photography business faces. With CloudSpot galleries, it has never been easier to add a custom, call-to-action button within every client’s gallery experience. 🙌

Ever wonder how to gracefully ask clients for testimonial feedback… without feeling pushy or icky? Want to rebook your most loyal clients without sending multiple emails? Hope to have your clients share their images on social media and tag your business for credit too?

✨ Enter your CloudSpot Gallery Call-to-Action button! ✨

With this gallery feature enabled, you can easily add a section that will be displayed at the bottom of your client galleries to seamlessly guide your photography clients to the next step you would like them to take! Deliver your gallery with confidence, knowing that your clients will know just what they need to do next! Sounds like a dream, right? 🙌

Are you new to this feature and didn’t know this was possible? 👋 Let’s start with the basics!

What is a Call-to-Action? 

In the simplest of terms, a call-to-action is a prompt (usually a button) that inspires or guides a reader to take the next step in their journey. Often, this is used to promote a specific action, an additional sale, a service booking, or gather a lead from a  potential new client. With your gallery Call-to-Action button, we recommend looking to provide your gallery visitor with a clear, actionable, next-step after they just experienced all of your beautiful images. There is an emotional window of opportunity here that is primed and ready for action!

But… why should I incorporate a Call-to-Action in my galleries? 🤔

As a photographer, you’re busy! Why not put the tools that you already have to work for you automatically?! By incorporating the Call-to-Action button within your galleries, you can eliminate countless actions and emails from your workflow. If there is a step you would like clients to take after their photography experience, the Call-to-Action button is the perfect place to make that ask while your clients are still excited about receiving their image gallery. 🎉

How do I set up my Call-to-Action button? 

  1. Start by uploading images to a Collection and creating a gallery.
  2. Within your gallery settings, visit the layout tab.
  3. Enable the Call-to-Action Button by tapping on the “Call-to-Action Button” switch. You’ll know your Call-to-Action Button is activated when the switch turns teal and a few additional options appear.
  4. From there, you will be able to customize your Call-to-Action Button with a description, title, and custom link to guide your client in the right direction.

Where will my Call-to-Action be displayed?

Your call-to-action button will be displayed for all gallery viewers at the bottom of your gallery to all gallery visitors. You’ll be able to customize your Call-to-Action Description and link button text to keep your gallery voice on-brand. 📣

What kinds of Call-to-Action should I incorporate? 

This is the fun part! Get creative and intentional with your Call-to-Action Button— you have one shot to make an impact! Think about the gaps in your workflow, who your clients are, and the one thing you’ll need them to do next after they receive their final gallery of images. There are an infinite number of ways you can customize your Call-to-Action Button into your galleries.

These are a few of the ways we’ve seen this button utilized in the CloudSpot Community:

Client Engagement 📱

  • Easily collect client testimonials while your client experience is top-of-mind by including a link to your preferred review platform.
  • Encourage clients to sign up for your email mailing list by including links to freebies and other lead captures for your email subscription platforms.
  • Remind clients to share their images with a tag to your business by linking to your top social media platform or social media link page.
  • Include a link to your website, portfolio, client blog post, or contact information to encourage clients to view and share more of your work.
  • Link to your private, client-only Facebook Group to encourage your clients to stay engaged with your business.

Client Experience 📸

  • Share a link to a client’s custom Mobile App gallery.
  • Encourage clients to schedule another session with you by including a link to your session scheduling platform.
  • Prompt clients to schedule a meeting with you to begin their album design process by including a link to your scheduling platform.
  • Include a link to a private, password protected gallery to easily share any private images, seamlessly.

Client Gratitude 🥰

  • Incorporate a link to your client-referral options, allowing your clients to earn bonuses as they refer new clients to your photography business. 
  • Easily share your gratitude for your clients by linking to an online gift certificate to a favorite local eatery, coffee shop, or store, so they can treat themselves on their own time.

With a Call-to-Action button, the options are limitless! When it comes to the best call-to-action to incorporate into your client galleries? That’s up to you to determine! The best part about the Call-to-Action button is that it can be customized for each client gallery, giving you the flexibility to serve each client with a unique call-to-action. Once you find a strategy that works best for your business, save it as a part of your gallery presets to further speed up your workflow! 

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