Resources for Photographers during COVID-19


n these times right now it feels like change is happening every minute all around us. Professional photographers and millions of other businesses are feeling the fallout from COVID-19 and the tsunami-sized ripples it's sending around our world. And while we as individuals have the power to cause these waters to recede, it will take time and a global effort to put this behind us. But in the moment, this atmosphere of change can be paralyzing for us as small business owners and creatives.

As a photographer and founder of a company that serves thousands of photographers every day, it's tough not to let your mind go down so many emotionally-draining paths. Nothing is ever guaranteed in life (or business), but when all you hear is uncertainty everywhere you turn it weighs on you.

I was hanging in there for a good week, actually. But there finally came the moment when I found myself in my own personal spiral. And as I was sitting there, just staring blankly through my computer screen, I realized that you and me have a choice on how we handle this time in history. We can retreat, cower, unplug, and sit in that place of fear...or we can pull ourselves up and resolve to grow through this situation.

We can double-down and actively search for ways to make the most of this season. And that's what we're going to do.

Friends, I believe in the strength, resourcefulness, and resiliency of us as photographers and business owners. This is not a time to retreat, it's a time to pull together as a community and invest in the things that have NOT changed. Things like your heart for your clients, the love of others, your connection with fellow photographers, your drive to succeed, and commitment to making your business better. You get to decide how things ultimately play out.

The CloudSpot team is here with you working (remotely!) to use this time to come out stronger than ever before!

Right now there is a wealth of information being unlocked by our industry to help us all. I encourage you to dive in with both feet. When these times pass, there will be an overwhelming demand, larger than the line at Costco (🧻) needing your services.

The foundation you begin building for that time can (and should) start right now. You've got this 💪

We are dedicated to your success and have compiled a list of resources our inspiring community and other services have made available for you during these times. We'll keep updating this for you so bookmark this link and enjoy ❤️

Standing with you,

Business & Marketing

KJ All-Access

(Free 30 days of online Photography education)

5 Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) During These Hard Times

(w/ Katelyn James)

How to Prepare Your Business for Coronavirus – 18 Protection Steps

Business Made Simple Daily

(Free daily videos on marketing)

PPA Educational Videos

(Now Free for all photographers)

Small Business Relief Resources


Social Media

How to plan a weeks worth of Instagram posts in 20 minutes

(Plann App)

Mental & Physical Health

WHO: Coronavirus Guidelines

CDC: Coronavirus Guidelines

Free Health and Wellness Classes


Beachbody On Demand - Free 14 day Trial

Corepower Yoga - Free Live (and recorded) Classes

Client Relationships, Legal & Contracts

What to say when: Swipe Copy for Responding to Coronavirus Scenarios


Editing & Workflow

Editing Secrets to Bright Images & Natural Skintones

(Free Online Class w/ Katelyn James)

Dubsado 14-Day "We Got This" Challenge

(Free Tips & Tricks)

Podcasts for Creatives

Brands that Book

(w/ Davey Jones)

So...Here's the Thing

(w/ Laylee Emadi)

Jasmine Star

(w/ Jasmine Star)

Boss Babes United

(w/ Misty Adams & Raelene Schulmeister)

Fun & Games

Group Video Chat + Trivia Games

(House Party)

Mario Kart Tour

(for the kid in all of us, now with multi-player!)