Three Poses to Incorporate Movement in Senior Sessions


i, friends! I am Elle Taylor, a destination wedding photographer, senior photographer, and photography educator located in Bourbonnais, Illinois! I regularly serve seniors and engaged couples across the Chicagoland area and beyond.

I get to photograph the sweetest people in the world and value the friendships I make with my clients. I believe that client experience with a photographer is more than just pretty photos. It is a time for photographers to connect and truly capture who the client is as a person. I want my client’s photos to reflect their bubbly, joyful selves.. And a lot of this starts through their posing experience! 

Three of my favorite poses that I often incorporate into my senior sessions encourage movement! Movement is so powerful because it leads to a variety of angles and pose variations while giving the senior something to focus on instead of potentially feeling awkward by overthinking a pose.

Looking for a few poses to incorporate movement in your next senior session? Keep scrolling and take some notes… these are my three go-to senior session poses.

The Model Walk

Walking is familiar for seniors. When just a little bit of instruction is added, my clients feel comfortable, confident, and we get incredibly natural photos! For the "model walk" pose, I tell my senior girls to walk in a straight line, one foot in front of the other, and play with her hair while walking towards me.

The Hair Flip

This hair flip pose encourages movement and generally leads to a very genuine laugh from my seniors (which are always my favorite). In this pose, I have my senior start with their back facing me, I count down from five, and tell her to "flip" hair over the shoulder while smiling or laughing. I usually use the prompt "bring your chin to your shoulder as fast as you can once I count you down". 

Hands in the Hair

This is more of a stationary pose, but still brings movements in the hands and hair. I have my senior rock back and forth and still moving slightly while in this pose to keep the body comfortably moving. Having both hands in the hair will look extremely awkward if your senior is not moving her hands! With this pose, make sure your senior has "soft" hands and is continuously moving her hands in her hair. 

Incorporate these three senior session poses in your next senior photography session to add movement to your photos! If you were hoping to learn even more about senior posing, I offer one-on-one mentoring for senior photographers on posing, business, and marketing. I’m here to support you! Just tap here to visit my website and get connected with me!

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