What in the World is an Ideal Client?!


ou’ve probably heard the term “Ideal Client” before, but what does it really mean?

An Ideal Client is: a person, couple, or subject that represents your brand and business best.

In other words, your Ideal Client is the subject that you would photograph over and over (and over) again forever because they are who your business was built for! Running a photography business is unique because you have the ability to show exactly the type of subjects that you’re wanting to work with.

Want to shoot a lot of beautiful weddings? Start posting more weddings!

Are you hoping to be a wicked concert photographer? Better get posting!

Do you have a thing for gorgeous family portraits? Post your favorite session! 

Without figuring out who your ideal client is now, you won’t know who to look for later.

As an entrepreneur, being genuinely excited about what you’re doing is the biggest part of the fun! That excitement comes from waking up every day knowing that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. Part of that comes from working with who you want to work with!

Start thinking about the type of person you’re wanting to work with, the type of shoot you’re craving, and the money that you want to be making. Your business can only benefit from it.