2022 Will Be the Busiest Wedding Season Yet


fter well over a year of COVID wedding delays, 2022 is projected to be the busiest year in history for weddings -- and every wedding photographer. In the last two years, the photography industry has taken a big hit. We’ve seen all kinds of challenges, old and new, but even with venues opening back up, back-to-back bookings, and scheduling dozens of delayed and current events, this wedding photography season doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, we're looking forward to helping today's wedding photographer prepare for a simple, organized, and beautiful 2022 wedding season!

(Photographer: Esteban Gil)

CloudSpot, an online gallery for photographers, is leading the way in streamlining both your photography business and your client services to help you prepare for the upcoming busy season! 

With 2021 coming to a close, now is the perfect time to switch galleries. Each new user can try CloudSpot for 10GB free. Did you know we offer migration services from specific galleries for free?!

CloudSpot helps wedding photographers optimize image upload times, maintain smooth image delivery to clients, simplify your product-selling, and more. With the busiest wedding season yet just around the corner, photographers can count on CloudSpot. We’re here to keep your business running smoothly, so you can focus on the work you love! 

(Photographers: Amy & Jordan Demos)

Online Gallery for Photographers

After all the time and skill that goes into capturing once-in-a-lifetime wedding images, the last thing anyone wants is to get hung up when delivering the perfect final product into your clients’ hands. 

At CloudSpot, our online image gallery is so simple that even Grandma could use it. We offer unlimited images and streamline your image upload and delivery workflow to present a clean, professional gallery that is easy for your clients not just to view and select their favorite images, but also to customize their dream wedding album! Plus, you can deliver images to clients the instant they are uploaded, and they'll be right where you left them in our accessible online gallery.  

If your photography business wants to offer final print selections, albums, or other products, CloudSpot has everything you need to set up your Storefront. Our sales options are built straight into your gallery, so clients can select their images and check out all in one place. 

Delivering digital photos instead? We can do that, too. CloudSpot’s digital sales experience is straightforward and easy to use, with no unnecessary add-ons that could confuse clients and lead to more work for you. 

(Photographer: Rebecca Yale)

Photography Business Workflow

With this busy 2022 wedding season, keeping your photography business workflow smooth, organized, and accessible will be key to staying on track and stress-free. CloudSpot goes above and beyond to do as much of that for you and your clients as we can. 

While CloudSpot was built to give your clients as easy of an experience as possible,, we are equally dedicated to help you and your workflow as a photographer. Our platform streamlines uploads so that you can share galleries instantly with a quick desktop link or custom Mobile App, and you can easily view their favorites for print ordering or album building. With CloudSpot, you can focus on your images and client’s experience, instead of getting frustrated with running your business. 

Custom Apps Directly from the Wedding Photographer

Beyond creating beautiful gallery experiences, with CloudSpot you can also easily create customizable Mobile Apps for every one of your clients. Our custom Mobile Apps offer the same built-in sales, easy downloads, and unlimited images as a gallery would, but allows clients to have access to all of their photos right on their device without having to download or save potentially hundreds or thousands of photos individually. With our Mobile Apps, clients have everything they need just a fingertip away to show off your work to others, whenever they need it. 

From beautifully-branded galleries to simple immersive shopping and custom Mobile Apps for every client, CloudSpot strives to help you elevate every area of your client’s experience!

This wedding season, sharing photos has never been easier - for both you, and your clients. 

CloudSpot keeps everything in one place, with clear and accessible galleries and download features to keep both you and your clients happy and stress-free. Less busy work for you and happy clients at every turn ensures you’re on the path to success in your business. Let CloudSpot be your go-to during this jam-packed 2022 wedding season. Tag us in your work on social media - We can’t wait to see all the incredible work you’ll share!

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