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Boost Print Sales by Showing Client Work in Augmented Reality


s a photographer, one of the most rewarding aspects of your work is seeing your images come to life as physical prints. However, selling prints can be a challenging task, particularly in today's digital age where people tend to consume images on screens rather than in print. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds and augmented reality (AR) is a perfect tool for photographers looking to boost their print sales.

Augmented Reality Store Previews is a new feature within CloudSpot that gives you the ability to show clients prints and canvases in their own space. This technology allows your clients to view even the smallest details like cropping or canvas wrapping. It's going to drastically improve your print and product sales when your client can visualize their images in their own home before they buy! There is just one problem: your clients don't know what AR is and don't know how or when to use it. *Note: This feature is only available for iPhones.*

Here are a few tips on how to use AR to boost your print sales. 🤩

Offer AR Previews of Your Prints

By turning on your CloudSpot Store and creating a catalog with canvases and prints, you enable AR for your client. Augmented Reality Store Previews of your canvases and prints can give your clients an immersive experience that allows them to see how your work would look in their own space. This can help them make more informed decisions about which prints to buy, as well as give them a sense of how the prints will look once they are hung up on their walls.

Showcase Your Work at Events Using AR

If you attend photography trade shows or other events where you showcase your work, consider incorporating Augmented Reality into your display. By creating an AR experience that showcases your best work and allows people to interact with your prints, you can create a much more engaging experience for potential clients and increase your chances of making a sale.

Use AR During In-Person Sales Meetings

Similarly to tradeshows, in-person sales (IPS) meetings are another great way to showcase your client's work in real-time. Picture yourself grabbing your phone and showing your clients this Augmented Reality experience while they are there with you! Once they are wow'd by the feature, show them exactly which size would be perfect for their space.

We know how excited you are to see your clients utilize AR, and wanted to make it super easy for you to teach them how to use it! 🙌

Educate Clients on the Benefits of Print

Finally, it's worth noting that many people may not realize the benefits of print and how it can enhance their homes or office spaces. By using Augmented Reality to showcase your work in your client's homes, you can help educate your clients on the benefits of print and show them how your work can add value to their lives.

Our team has created a free copy/paste email script that will help you educate your clients on how to use the new Augmented Reality feature.

Feel free to copy and paste the email script below, customize it to fit your brand, and send it to your clients. Let's help your clients bring their photos to life with Augmented Reality! 💖


Hi <Client>!

I have an exciting announcement! You can now see what photo prints and canvases will look like in your home from your phone, in real-time with Augmented Reality!

If you're an iPhone user, you can now confidently shop and see how prints and canvases look on the walls of your home. You can preview prints and canvases in your home by clicking the “View in my Space” button while viewing prints and canvases in your gallery's Store. This feature is automatically available in the Store connected to your gallery and will be accessible on most prints and canvas sizes. Every product is sized and rendered to scale so you will know the exact sizing of your selected product. You can finally stop guessing what size prints to order!

Want to try it out? Just follow these easy steps:

1. Open your gallery on your iPhone

2. Tap on the three lines at the top left

3. Tap on WALL ART

4. Tap on CANVAS

5. Select a photo and click CUSTOMIZE

6. Choose a canvas size

7. Scroll down and tap VIEW IN MY SPACE

8. Enjoy the Augmented Reality experience and confidently select wall art that will fit perfectly in your space!

I can't wait to see what you choose!

Add AR Examples to Your Pricing Sheet

Lastly, another way to utilize this feature is in your client pricing sheets. When a client reads over pricing for their event, they can often get overwhelmed. Throw in Augmented Reality on your pricing sheet as a QR code and show them how fun it will be to receive the finished product and how it could look in their own space. Using CloudSpot's AR feature, you can set yourself apart from other photographers!

Using Augmented Reality to showcase your work can be a powerful tool for photographers looking to boost their print sales. By creating immersive, interactive experiences that allow clients to see how your work will look in their own space, you can help them make more informed purchasing decisions and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Start experimenting with AR today and see how it can help you take your photography business to the next level!