Print Sales

8 Tips to Boost Revenue Using Print and Product Sales


Are you a photographer looking to boost your income and provide a seamless ordering experience for your clients? Print sales are the easiest way for photographers to earn more from your client Galleries! Setting up your Galleries and Store with CloudSpot is simple and offers clients a seamless and convenient way to order prints and custom products directly from you after receiving their final images.

In this blog, we'll explore eight expert tips from Hope Taylor, a senior photography educator and CloudSpot Ambassador, on how to maximize your print sales and increase your profits. Let's dive right in!

1. Easy Store Access for Clients

CloudSpot makes it incredibly convenient for your clients to order prints. With a single click, they can access your Gallery Store through the SHOP tab on CloudSpot. From there, they can explore the different prints and products you have available and place their orders hassle-free.

2. Reflect Your Brand

Your brand is a reflection of your hard work and unique style. With CloudSpot, you have the freedom to customize your Store to maintain a consistent brand image. Add your custom logos, watermarks, store headers, and even header messages to make your Store an extension of your brand. Showcase your recent work through a custom header to create a visually cohesive experience for your clients. You can upload custom header images for both desktop and mobile, as well as your logo in the Store Branding section.

This store setup keeps your client in mind by displaying session photos throughout your catalog so they can see themselves in the final product mockups. This personalized touch ensures each client feels special and connected to your brand.

3. Effortless Order Processing with Auto Fulfillment

Save time and energy with CloudSpot's Auto Fulfillment feature. By partnering with well-known print labs like WHCC, Miller's, and Mpix, CloudSpot takes care of the entire fulfillment process for you. When a client places an order in their gallery, it is seamlessly sent to your chosen print lab. They handle the printing and shipping, delivering the order directly to your client. This automated and effortless ordering process allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

4. Customize Catalogs to Different Session Types

Personalization is key! Customize your Catalogs to cater to different session types or niches within your business. Whether you specialize in weddings, family portraits, or senior sessions, customizing your catalogs to resonate with your clients can significantly boost your product sales. Hope Taylor, a senior photography expert, offers prints, wall art, albums, and graduation cards in her senior photography catalog. When choosing your Catalog settings, select the print lab of your choice, packaging type, a minimum order amount, enable order approval, and apply these settings to all galleries with sales enabled.

5. Choose Products and Set Your Markup

Refine your product offerings based on your clients' preferences using CloudSpot's Catalogs. Additionally, you have complete control over your profits by setting your own markup for each product. The 'Bulk Markup' option makes it easy to apply a percentage markup across all products in your Catalog, providing a clear understanding of your margins. Keep in mind that customizable items like albums and cards require separate markup settings.

6. Offer Custom Products for a Unique Experience

Distinguish yourself by offering custom products like albums and cards through CloudSpot's integration with WHCC's custom designer. Your clients will love the opportunity to take control and design their own albums or cards. From a wide range of cover materials and paper types for albums to endless possibilities for card designs, your clients can customize every detail to match their vision.

7. Prompt a Sale with a Limited-Time Discount Code

Creating a sense of urgency can lead to increased sales. Consider offering a limited-time discount code by adding an expiration date to motivate your clients to purchase prints. For example, Hope Taylor provides a 5-day discount code immediately after delivering photos. In CloudSpot's Discount Codes section, you can create subtotal discounts, offering clients a predetermined percentage off their print orders.

8. Communicate the Value of Prints to Your Clients

As a photographer, you hold the key to unlocking the true value of prints for your clients. It's essential to weave the significance of printed images into your client experience from the very beginning. Take the time to educate your clients about the countless benefits of investing in professional prints. Explain how displaying their cherished images as stunning wall art or designing custom albums can artfully capture and preserve their unique story. By enhancing their overall experience and highlighting the lasting value of prints, you not only provide a meaningful service but also open up more opportunities to increase your revenue.


Looking for the video version of Hope Taylor walking through increasing print and product sales with CloudSpot? Check out her YouTube video below!