5 Boudoir Photo Poses That Empower Women


oudoir photography is an incredible, joyful, and intimate way to empower women and celebrate their stories. Whether you are a wedding photographer, a commercial photographer, or a boudoir photographer, you will want to have some go-to boudoir photography poses in your back pocket to make your photo shoot a success for you and your client.

We asked Michelle Franzetti, CloudSpot Ambassador, photography educator, and Kentucky Boudoir Photographer, for her top 5 boudoir photography poses that will empower women to feel safe during the photography process and fall in love with their photos when they see the final result.

“It is especially important to appear professional and in control when specializing in boudoir photography. You want every part of your client's experience to feel safe, clean, and comfortable,” says Michelle Franzetti. 

Today, Michelle Franzetti is sharing her top 5 boudoir photography poses to help inspire your next boudoir session. Hear from the professional herself as she walks through her go-to boudoir poses AND how you can make them happen with your own clients! 🙌

Boudoir Pose #1: Laying On Your Back with Your Chin Raised

This is a great pose to start! The client can comfortably lay on their back, it is very flattering to many body shapes, and arm placement can help show off different elements of the body. You can walk around while a client is in this pose and shoot from different angles and see what you all like the best! Sometimes changing your perspective or height from which you’re shooting can reveal your client’s best angles.

Boudoir Pose #2: The Headshot

It might not seem like a boudoir pose, but boudoir photography is all about beauty and confidence. There is nothing more beautiful and confident than the face of an empowered woman. I love a simple headshot-type photo to show off the beautiful aspects of a client's face and shoulders. You can change eye contact or facial expressions to get so many options from this simple pose. This pose can also be used in a public and professional setting.

Boudoir Pose #3: Kneeling on the Floor or Furniture

This is a great shot from the front or the back of your client. This can be a sensual type booty shot if the client feels comfortable. Often when we try to sneak a peek at our own tush, we are craning to see over our shoulder, legs in a weird position, trying to use a mirror. It is not the most flattering. This simple pose allows you to stretch out that keister and typically show off your waistline as well! 

Boudoir Pose #4: The Lips and T*ts Shot: 

I consider this a bit of a detailed shot! It is a great way to show off a client's chest, the curves of their arms, and soft lips. It can be done sitting or standing and you simply crop to capture the client's cheek and lips in a photo.

If a client is celebrating an anniversary or upcoming wedding, I love to include their hands in this shot and feature their wedding ring set!

Boudoir Pose #5: THE Booty Shot

This is a shot I give to every single one of my clients and it almost always is chosen for the album. This can be done with artificial or natural light. I ask the client to put all their weight onto the leg closest to me. I often have them extend their arms upwards to help them achieve an arch in their back. You can adjust their hand position and your photo angle to create different levels of spice with this pose. 

The Reasons I LOVE CloudSpot for My Boudoir Galleries

CloudSpot offers an easy-to-use interface for both me and my clients. My clients never struggle to understand where their images are or how to access them. 

CloudSpot features make it easy for me to mark which galleries are private and which ones can be public. I shoot a variety of genres. Being able to categorize easily and stay organized is a must!

Customer support is my number one reason for choosing any company. With technology, there will always be questions or changes. Knowing that the CloudSpot team is there and ready to help me quickly troubleshoot any issue I have gives me peace of mind.

Extra security and sales features for boudoir galleries within CloudSpot: 

✅ Ability to add extra password protection on galleries

✅ Ability to keep galleries hidden from my online portfolio

✅ Ability to track who has seen a published or private gallery

✅ Easy Storefronts for In-Person Sales (IPS) or Auto-Fulfillment

These are wonderful features for boudoir photography professionals who have to keep privacy at the forefront of their business and client experience.

I am lucky to say I have been with CloudSpot almost as long as I have been shooting boudoir! I have never once had to question the security of my galleries, the discretion your team uses when interacting with my account, or the ease of use it offers to my clients. I have to have such incredible trust in my gallery provider. I am so thankful for a great teammate like CloudSpot!

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