New Feature

✨ NEW ✨ CloudSpot's Notifications Center


ave you ever delivered an amazing shoot, but wondered if (or when??) your clients viewed, downloaded, or shared their gallery?

Without information on what your clients are up to, you may feel a bit lost sometimes in your business.

As photographers, our team at CloudSpot knows that a lack of visibility can create anxiety! That's why our team set out to build the cure to those anxiety-inducing questions ... 

✨ CloudSpot’s Notification Center ✨ 

Now, you have insights to all your clients' activity so you never feel left in the dark again! 

Whether you’re tracking visitors' Store purchases, image downloads, or favorite activity; your new Notification Center will help you track everything going on inside your galleries and Mobile Apps! 

 How do I quickly see all activity? 

If you would like to view your activity at a glance, simply login to your CloudSpot account & click the bell at the top right of your dashboard! Your most recent notifications will be listed in a drop down menu.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the notifications that you’ll see in CloudSpot’s new Notification Center:

for a full list of available notifications, click here!


When a new Visitor views a gallery or Mobile App and every time they return.

When a visitor downloads single images, requests a download link (both folders & favorites), and when they download from that requested link. 

When a visitor creates a new favorites list and when they add images to that list. 

When a visitor shares a single image or an entire gallery to Social Media.

When you receive a new Store or a Store order is updated.

This badge appears with activity done on a mobile device. 

This badge appears with activity  within a Mobile App.