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✨ NEW ✨ Print & Digital Store Packages


o all photographers that sell photography packages either online or through in-person sales, selling photography prints and products just got easier and a lot more profitable. CloudSpot’s new Print and Digital Packages allow you to easily bundle multiple Store products and sell them in your online Store for a flat price! 🥳

Make More Money Selling Print Packages

Go from selling a few prints to now providing more savings to every client with more complete packages of products. Creating Packages will allow you to sell a combination of products together for a set price; while still giving you the flexibility to mix auto-fulfillment lab items, custom fulfillment products, and digital products. There are an infinite number of ways to price and customize your Packages, ensuring that you can best serve your clients based on your niche of photography. 

By adding Packages to your Catalogs, you simplify every client’s shopping experience and increase your income opportunity from every gallery! 

Create a Print or Digital Package in Minutes

Setting up a new package is quick and easy! To start creating Packages, go to Store > Catalogs and select Add Product > Package. 

You will have the option to add a Package Name and Description, Package product Images, and a Package Price. Next, select the products that you would like to include in your Package, including auto-fulfilled products, custom-fulfilled products, and/or digital items. You can choose from any of the existing products in your Catalog. Keep in mind that clients will be able to see your package names within your Storefront, so get creative and intentional. 

With Print and Product Packages, you have the option for clients to purchase only one package per checkout or enable Single Image Restriction which will limits clients to pick one image for all items in their purchased Package. Once you save your photography Package to your Catalog of choice, you’re ready to start selling!

Inspiration for Creating Your First Print and Product Packages

When it comes to selling Print or Digital Packages in your Store, the sky is the limit! 

To get you rolling, we wanted to share a few Package suggestions! The good news is that any print or product Package is completely customizable! You have full control over your client’s experience with no limit to how many items you can add to a Package! While we recommend keeping things as simple as possible, have confidence in knowing that unique packages are designed to add value at every turn and guide your clients towards prints and products you know they will cherish.

Here are a few recommended Package combinations to kickoff your Print Package creation process: 

Wedding Photography Package

  • One 20x24 Canvas
  • 50 4x6 Prints
  • Four 8x10 Prints

Engagement Session Photography Package

  • Three 8x10 Prints
  • Three 5x7 Prints

Graduation or Senior Photography Package

  • Four Sheets of Wallet Sized Images
  • 15 Digital Image Downloads
  • Two 8x10 Prints

Family Mini Session Photography Package

  • Five Digital Image Downloads
  • Five 4x6 Prints
  • One 8x10 Print

The above are just examples, so feel free to modify for what fits your client’s needs best! Your clients will LOVE the option to purchase Packages from you and you will love the additional income! If you have any questions about creating Packages or need assistance with setting up your Store, we’re here to help!

Why Offer Packages?

We live in a fast-paced world where customers want to know that they can quickly make the best purchasing decision. By offering Packages, you’ll make the print and product buying process easy for your clients by helping them discover new products while navigating through your Storefront with ease. They’ll be confident that they are making an informed decision, receiving a Print or Digital Package curated by a professional photographer. When customers have too many choices, they may experience stress and overwhelm leading to lost sales or uncertainty about their final order. 

Product bundling through Packages reduces decision stress while establishing you as the expert, ensuring happy clients who are confident they made the right choice. Keep in mind that, while “buying in bulk” is often associated with purchasing at a cheaper price, this is not the case for every brand. Our Package pricing recommendations will vary based on brand and the pricing expectations your clients have while working with your brand. While it may be smart to include a small discount on your bundle based on your typical print pricing, do be sure to include a markup on your Packages to keep your profit turning with every sale. 

Elevate Your Client Shopping Experience with Packages

Say goodbye to lengthy client explanation emails or calls. Your clients will be able to easily navigate to their gallery’s SHOP NOW page and add any Package to their cart from their gallery. They can also see every available Package by clicking on the shopping cart icon on any image. 

Once a Package is added to their cart, they can choose the images they want to use for each of the products within that Package. They can review products, swap images, or adjust the crop on a given item. Add Print or Digital Packages to your Store Catalogs today and open the door towards earning more from every gallery!

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