New Feature

✨ NEW ✨ CloudSpot Affiliate Program


e are excited to share that our CloudSpot Affiliate Program is OFFICIALLY LIVE!!! 🎉  🙌 ✨

Earn credits to apply towards your paid subscription with the CloudSpot Affiliate Program TODAY! Within your CloudSpot account, you now have access to your own CloudSpot Affiliate Link, so you can earn credit from every person who joins and upgrades! 

Give your friends 20% off their first 12 months, and you’ll receive up to 100% of their first month’s payment in CloudSpot credit when they upgrade! This means you’ll receive up to ONE MONTH FREE each time one of your referrals upgrade to become a paid CloudSpot user! 🙌 

* Upgraded users must stay active users for at least 60 days before credit is applied. Users will have 12 months to upgrade to a paid account in order for them to receive 20% and for you to get credit. *

Getting Started

Visit Your Account Settings + Refer a Friend

Your Referral Dashboard is where all the action happens. To access your referral link and dashboard, simply login to your CloudSpot dashboard, click My Account in the top right of your screen and then Settings. On the left navigation bar, click Refer a Friend.

Once there, you’ll be able to copy your affiliate referral link, track the number of referrals who signed up for a free account, remind free referrals to upgrade for unlocked benefits, track upgraded referrals, and view your overall Analytics for total and upcoming credits. 

Why should you refer a friend?!

CloudSpot is a growing community of professional photographers of all kinds! Not only will you save on your personal CloudSpot subscription each time you refer, but you have the opportunity to share one of your favorite programs in your tried-and-true photography workflow with your friends! Sharing is caring ❤️ and when you share CloudSpot with your friends, you both win! 🎉

To get started sharing today, click here to access our exclusive Affiliate Program Success Kit for access to our favorite templates, swipe copy for social, content inspiration for sharing, and more!

What else do I need to know? 

We’re so glad you asked! We’ve provided you with a dashboard to track everything, a success kit with graphic assets to download for social media, Canva templates to edit, and a referral link to share with your friends. We hope you decide to share these in emails, texts, on courses, YouTube videos, Facebook Groups, or wherever makes sense to you! The more places and opportunities you give people to discover CloudSpot, the more everyone benefits!

Let’s break down some quick FAQ’s, so we can get you on your way to Affiliate Referral Program success! 🥳

How do I get paid for my referral?

When any new referrals sign up, they automatically start with a free CloudSpot account. Once they upgrade to any paid monthly or annual plan and stay a paying user for 60 days, you will receive credit for up to $45 credit of their first paid month. The maximum credit you can receive per referral would equal 100% off your next billing cycle. Credits do not carry over to subsequent billing cycles.

How long will referrals receive their 20% off discount?

Referrals will receive 20% off monthly or annual plans for their first 12 months beginning on the date they first upgrade. 

How long do my friends have to redeem their 20% off?

After your friend creates a free account, they will have 12 months to upgrade to a paid account in order for them to receive 20% and for you to get credit.

What happens after the 12 months of discounted membership is over?

After the first 12 months, referred users will be charged at the normal monthly or annual plan rate.

Can someone use multiple referral links to continue their 20% off after the 12 months?

No, only one referral discount per account is allowed.

The annual plans are already discounted up to 25% off the monthly rates, is the affiliate 20% off on top of that discount?

Yep!! This means CloudSpot annual plans can be almost 40% off for their first 12 months! 🤯

Is there a limit on how many commissions I can earn?

Absolutely not! You can refer as many friends to CloudSpot as you would like - there is no limit! More referrals = more credits for you!

Thank you for telling your friends about CloudSpot while continuously #EmpoweringPhotographers with us! We are so thrilled to have you as part of the CloudSpot Community and cannot WAIT to welcome your friends and fellow photographers to the family too! ❤️

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