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CloudSpot and Dubsado: The Ultimate Business Management Duo


ne of the things we are most proud of here at CloudSpot (besides our amazing online photo galleries for photographs) is creating a place for our Community of creatives to grow together!

We started our CloudSpot Community Group on Facebook  as a way for people to connect with each other in genuine ways. Working incredibly hard to grow and take things to the next level in a photography businesses is NOT easy! We're all photographers here at CloudSpot so we totally get how sometimes you just need a safe place to share, be vulnerable, and lean on a group of people who can instantly relate to exactly what you encounter every day. 

Not only that, this group has always been the first place we go for getting invaluable and honest feedback on how CloudSpot can evolve to be even better. We are always looking for ways to make meaningful changes which can make your life easier. It's for this reason why focusing on integrating with a CRM company (contracts, invoicing, etc.) has quickly become one of your top requests going in to 2018!  

Well, guess what?  We’ve heard you. And we think it’s a great idea!

When we started talking about doing this, there was one thing that the entire CloudSpot team was adamant about - we wanted to integrate with a company we love, who has the same values as us, and who has a strong team of creatives who get you like we do.  And for us, there was one company that stood out above the rest - Dubsado!

What is Dubsado?

Dubsado allows you to manage your entire business process in one, simple to use, customizable and professional system!  If you guys haven’t heard of them yet - be sure to check them out.  Not only are we excited about the platform that they’ve created, but also about the terrific team they’ve built.  We’ve met with them and have become close friends but most of all, our views on community and having a passion to help creatives succeed is completely in sync!

At the heart of every decision we make over here at CloudSpot is the photography community and helping fellow creatives be successful in their businesses. I have been a professional photographers for years, and know firsthand so many of the struggles and pains new and established photo businesses face.

While I can’t give direct details on the integration just yet, I wanted to keep everyone updated as far as the decision to integrate with Dubsado and to make things completely official.  I’ve been a Dubsado user myself for months now, and just using their platform has increased my bookings by almost double.  Their interface is fast and easy to use (in fact, I had everything set up in just over an hour!), and they have killer support with free 1 on 1 session to help you get started, just we do here at CloudSpot!

Most importantly, Dubsado was founded by Jake and Becca, who I now know on a personal basis.  Their reasons for starting the company are nearly identical to ours - which was the need to help creatives’ business, and to make their lives easier. We believe that Dubsado and CloudSpot will be a partnership that changes the face of your business. Our client photo gallery system will allow you to deliver beautiful images, and Dubsado’s amazing CRM will help make your life and your business that much better. A partnership made in heaven!

The roadmap to getting everything launched is still in progress, which means it’s a great time for our community to chime in on how you’d like to see things integrated.  We have our own ideas - now I’d like to hear yours!  What do you think - make sure to leave your comments in the Facebook Community Group.

For now, let’s all follow our friends at Dubsado on social media, give them a like, and let’s all put our heads together to make something truly special among the community.  Go, team!