Favorite Client Gallery Features for Senior Photography


i, I’m Hope! I’m a photographer and educator serving both Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. I specialize in senior portraits and wedding photography. I started my photography business when I was 17 years old, exclusively photographing seniors. I was TERRIFIED to shoot a wedding for the first two years into my career! 2022 will be my 9th year as a full-time photographer and educator! WOW.

I wanted to talk today about my client gallery provider and why you should consider CloudSpot when looking at options. I’ve been with CloudSpot for over three years now and LOVE THEM. The backend of CloudSpot is super user-friendly from the photographer’s perspective, which definitely sets them apart from gallery providers I’ve used in the past. Other gallery services feel clunky to me, and CloudSpot feels clean and streamlined.

I can’t wait for you to tune in below to learn more about why I love CloudSpot so much! Be sure to watch my YouTube video all about my favorite CloudSpot features and keep scrolling for easy notes to implement into your own workflow! CloudSpot is my my #1 gallery service, and I think you are absolutely going to love their galleries too.

#1 Favorite Feature: Notification Center

This seems like a no-brainer and would be in every gallery provider, but it’s not! Notification Center gives me, the photographer, the ability to see which clients have seen which galleries, if / when they logged in, their favorite images, and what images they have downloaded. It’s great affirmation as a photographer that your clients are loving your work in real-time!

#2 Favorite Feature: Call-to-Action Button

With CloudSpot, you have the ability to add a call-to-action button to the bottom of each one of your galleries. I personally use this feature to ask clients for reviews and testimonials about their experience with my business. I typically share a quick note about why I would love to receive their feedback plus a quick button to link to where they can write a review— it’s that easy! I love this feature because photographers tend to shy away from getting feedback and testimonials from their clients. Sharing a review link in your call-to-action button organically takes the icky feeling out of asking for reviews! I love that this allows me to get feedback from my clients when they are excited about their images and their experience with me is top-of-mind. Since adding this feature, I get 10 times the amount of testimonials than I did before!

#3 Favorite Feature: Ease of Use with Favorite Images

My brides and seniors go through their galleries after a session and favorite their images they want in a custom album. CloudSpot allows me to view my clients’ favorite images easily, download all, and set up their albums for them. I include an album as part of my wedding package for my clients, so this is so necessary for me. The favorites feature has helped streamline the album process for both me and my clients which is such a win! 

#4 Favorite Feature: Background Uploads

I can do other things while my images are uploading! Read that again. I can’t tell you how much of a game changer background uploads have been for my workflow! This seems like common sense with every gallery service, but it isn’t. With some providers, you have to watch the upload bar crawl across your screen and can’t move on to another gallery or browser window until this is complete. UGH. You can queue multiple galleries at once and CloudSpot will upload automatically without freezing up my computer. I LOVE this feature.

#5 Favorite Feature: Beautiful Galleries with Customizations

CloudSpot’s gallery layouts are customizable in logos, colors, image sizing, thumbnails, cover images, and more. I love that I can incorporate my logo and brand colors to keep galleries looking consistent with my business— this has been a game-changer over other galleries I have used in the past. I am thankful my galleries represent my business well, are displayed in a way my clients would expect from me, and don’t feel like a cookie cutter version of every other photographer’s online galleries.

Bonus Favorite Feature: The Storefront

You can easily earn passive income from your CloudSpot gallery through their Storefront feature! CloudSpot galleries are equipped to help you sell the prints and products you want to get in your clients hands and home, right from your client galleries. You are able to pick the lab you would like to use as your auto fulfillment center which makes it so easy to generate passive income. Plus, the Storefront is so beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly! Your clients are able to see a preview of what their products will look like in their home and can easily select from the various products and sizes that you offer. Clients place their order through an easy-to-use system (That I didn’t even need to set up myself!), and their order is automatically sent to the print lab. This saves me SO much time as a photographer and I love that the system gets high-quality prints in my client’s hands so efficiently. 

CloudSpot has changed my client experience and business for the better! I know you are going to love them as much as I do! 

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