How to Prep Your Client For a Branding Photoshoot


i, I am Angie McPherson - a branding photographer, marketing strategist, and hype woman helping entrepreneurs to elevate their personal brands! I photograph entrepreneurs and influencers all over the country, providing custom imagery to uplevel their businesses. I also help branding photographers build an impactful and profitable business.

As branding photographers, we work with our clients to create an entire gallery of intentional, compelling, and consistent images for their website, social media, and marketing platforms that reflect who they are as an entrepreneur and what makes their brand unique.

But before photoshoot day arrives,  make sure your client is properly prepared. Here are some tips to help you prep your client for a branding photoshoot:

Send Your Clients a Planning Guide

Helping your clients plan is essential for a successful branding photoshoot! Create a jam-packed resource that includes tips for choosing outfits, locations, props, etc. This can be a PDF or a page on your website.

Send a Questionnaire

Having a questionnaire is KEY for helping your clients nail down their brand story, intention, and goals for the photos! The questionnaire will be super helpful for both of you (so you can get to know your client's brand inside and out)!

Provide Mood Board Instructions

Have your clients create a Pinterest vision board so you can see a visual of their inspiration! But be sure to give your clients instructions on what to look for and how to keep it cohesive! You can even create a sample Pinterest board to give them a starting point.

Create a Branding Shoot Plan

Creating a customized plan for each client’s branding photoshoot is a GAME CHANGER! This plan should include logistics, a prop list, a shot list, inspiration images, and other important details. Email your client their customized plan ahead of time and bring a copy with you on shoot days to keep you efficient and on track!

Send Photos with CloudSpot

Explaining to your clients how photos will be sent and downloaded post-session will get your clients excited to receive their photos! Excited clients make for great brand photography sessions. Try CloudSpot for 50% off with my referral code.

By following these tips to prep your client for a branding photoshoot, you can help your client feel prepared and confident for their branding photoshoot, and ensure that the final photos align with their brand and vision!

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