How to Refer Friends for CloudSpot Discounts


eady to start sharing all about your love for CloudSpot with your friends, but unsure what to share? We have you covered! From pre-made copy about gallery features, to content inspiration, bookmark this page for whenever you need a bit of inspiration (and CloudSpot Credits!).

Get ready to dive into ALL things CloudSpot and start earning credits for your referrals

What do I say about CloudSpot?!

Not sure the best way to describe exactly what CloudSpot does? No sweat. We’ll start by breaking down the basics, so you feel confident in all that you are sharing. 

You have our permission! Simply copy, paste, and/or modify the messaging below when needed to tell your audience what you’re loving about CloudSpot.

What is CloudSpot?

CloudSpot is an online gallery provider empowering photographers to grow their photography business. With stunning gallery layouts, storefronts, email templates, client mobile apps, customizable settings, social media marketing, and more, CloudSpot makes it easy for beginner and professional photographers to level up their photography business and earn more money in the process!

Who is CloudSpot for?

CloudSpot is for any and all types of photographers (wedding, senior, branding, portraits, food, family, fashion, landscape, boudoir… you name it! You can customize your gallery to share it! 👏). CloudSpot is strategically designed for photographers that send digital images to clients while optimizing and automating print sales through custom, online storefronts.

What should I be sharing?

We are so glad you are excited to be sharing! (We’re pretty excited about it too!) Let’s chat about some of the easiest ways to make a big impact with your referral link:

Share your Referral Link

Dashboard imagery by Ambassador Montana Dennis.

You’re already growing your photography business and sharing on social media, in emails, and more. The easiest way to implement your referral link passively is to add a small line of copy to the bottom of your posts, emails, or on your social media link page where it may be relevant!

Here are a few examples:

“Curious how I send my galleries to clients? Get 20% off CloudSpot with my link!”

“Ready for a new way to send images to clients? Take 20% off CloudSpot using my referral link!”

“I am loving CloudSpot to send my clients their photos! Grab 20% off with my referral link!” 

“CloudSpot is my online gallery of choice with branded galleries, mobile apps, and more! Get 20% off with my link.”

Create informational posts to direct your audience to click and use your Referral Link!

Access our Affiliate Success Kit for free, downloadable social media graphics and blog header photos by clicking here!

Informative and educational content is a big winner in the photography industry. Many of our top referrers have a popular blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or educational course to share tips and tricks they have learned along the way. This can be you! No matter the size of your audience, your advice is powerful! Consider crafting an intentional social media post, Reel, or YouTube video to share about your experience with CloudSpot and how it’s saved you time or helped you earn more money in your business! 

Pro-tip: blog and video titles including these popular keywords tend to rank higher in searches:

“Photography Online Gallery Tools”

“Client Galleries for Photographers”

“Best Client Gallery Software”

“Why I Use CloudSpot for My Photography Galleries”

“CloudSpot: The Best Online Gallery for Photographers”

“Previous Gallery’s Name vs. CloudSpot: An Honest Review”

Content Suggestions: 

How-To posts or videos

Consider creating content about getting started with CloudSpot. Here are a few ideas to kickoff your brainstorm:

  • How to send your first gallery
  • Upload client images with ease
  • Making your first mobile app
  • How to sell more prints with your online storefront 

Looking for an example? Our Ambassador, Hope Taylor, shared an awesome YouTube video about her favorite CloudSpot features! Click here to check it out! 

Comparison posts or videos

If you’ve recently switched to CloudSpot from another gallery provider (or are familiar with other providers), consider doing a comparative post or video that showcases the differences between the two options and why you chose CloudSpot. You can link your referral link at the bottom of the blog or in the video description to prompt viewers to join CloudSpot through your affiliate link.

Photographer Toolkit posts or videos

Publish a blog post, YouTube video or Reel listing a few of your favorite photography tools, and include easy access to your Affiliate Link. Additionally, if you are a photography educator and feature your favorite photography tools on your website, consider adding your CloudSpot Affiliate Link to this section. Include a quick description of your favorite features and why other photographers will love joining the CloudSpot family! 

Whether you are sharing on a website page, video, or blog, we recommend including at least 3 to 5 tools when you feature this type of list. Bold or highlight your referral links under each for a reader to easily find them. 

Courses and Workshops

Launching a course or hosting a workshop soon? Share your CloudSpot workflow and favorite features with course students or workshop attendees. Be sure to include your Affiliate Link in the content! This is a huge value-add for course members or workshop attendees and is an awesome bonus for you as their referrer too! 

Feel free to grab this swipe copy to share in your slides or course materials: 

Receive 20% off your first 12 months of CloudSpot's online gallery service by signing up with a free account and upgrading to any monthly plan with my affiliate link.

Share on social media

Photographers are often found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok. Hopping on Instagram Stories, Reels, or TikTok is a great way to publish content about your favorite brands. Be sure to save your Affiliate Link in an easy-to-access spot, such as your Social Media Links Page or Link in Bio. Share to your heart’s content, and be sure you tag (as well as any other brands you mention) to increase the chances of getting your content reposted and shared to a bigger audience! 

“But what do I post?!” 

Here are are a few post ideas to get you started:

  • Share how you’re using CloudSpot. People love to see behind the scenes, so give them a peek into your workflow! 
  • Create a roundup of your favorite photography platforms to a popular song on Instagram or TikTok and leverage viral trends.
  • Incorporate your referral link on your Instagram Stories or add the link in your bio for increased conversions! Don’t forget: you can save any story posts with your active referral link to your Highlights for continued engagement!

Sharing is Caring: Facebook Groups

Lots of new photographers turn to Facebook Groups to get started learning. This is a great time to grab other photographer’s attention while starting them off right (With a hefty discount!). In return, you’ll earn affiliate income in the process. Chances are good, you’ll see posts every now and then with other photographers asking about their favorite client gallery provider. This is a great opportunity to chime in with your affiliate link + favorite CloudSpot features! 

Go to photography-related Facebook Groups and comment, or use the search bar to search for specific keyword terms relevant to CloudSpot in order to share your referral link. Search terms may include: client gallery, send photos, online gallery, gallery provider, where to start.

Need help writing a comment? Here is a comment to get you started:

“Hey @ORIGINALPOSTNAME! I highly recommend CloudSpot for your photography business’ online gallery provider. I made the switch to them from _____ and it has been a game changer for me! My favorite thing about their platform is ___________. If you want to give them a try, you receive 10GB for free. My referral link is _______ if you want 20% off your first year!”

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and help welcome your friends to the CloudSpot Community!