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✨ NEW ✨ CloudSpot Zapier Integration


s creatives and small business owners, we photographers have an incredible opportunity to earn a living doing what we love. But, when it comes to running a small business, many creatives find themselves spending less time actually creating and more time than they ever imagined struggling through a seemingly endless pile of busywork! We use tools to help make our workflow more efficient, but these services rarely communicate with one another. The reality is that constantly jumping back and forth between services is exhausting.

We know that CloudSpot is a cornerstone in your business that both you and your clients rely on daily. That’s why we’re extremely excited to introduce our newest integration with Zapier! With CloudSpot’s Zapier integration, you can easily save time by automatically connecting the tools you love most and eliminating busywork altogether.

How it Works:

Zapier is a platform that allows anyone to automate simple tasks with just a few clicks. It connects with thousands of apps and allows users to pull information from one platform to another (through an automated workflow called a Zap), allowing for less busywork without any code! 

Let’s say you book a new job, and your client just signed their contract. With CloudSpot’s Zapier integration, you can automatically send that new client’s contact information from your business management software to CloudSpot’s Contacts section.  So when you’re ready to deliver their gallery, you’ll never have to hunt for the right email again! 

Whether you’re syncing client gallery visitors with your email marketing list, or automatically logging store order information to a Google Sheet for tax season – CloudSpot and Zapier automatically get things done!

To get started, just create a free Zapier account, connect CloudSpot, and create your first zap – putting an end to all of your busywork! 

Imagine how much time you would save by eliminating that nagging “to-do” list! Zapier helps you cross off the never-ending busywork so that you can focus on doing what you love

Create your first zap today!