✨ NEW ✨ Custom Expiration Reminders


s photographers, we know that you spend enough time juggling tasks in your business. Busy or forgetful clients end up adding even more work to your to-do list! 😓 

When it comes to your online gallery system, expiration dates are a helpful tool that allow you to choose a specific date on which your clients will no longer be able to access their photo gallery. It’s important to communicate exactly when that gallery is going to expire so that your clients stay in the loop!

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for clients to forget to download their images – or worse – not order precious prints and products before their online gallery expires, causing you to waste time and lose out on potential sales!

How can I simplify my workflow?

Today, the CloudSpot team is happy to announce our brand new custom expiration reminders! These automatic emails are designed to help you automatically save time and serve your clients without missing a beat.

CloudSpot users can now create email templates complete with smart dynamic text that allows you to easily fill in your client’s information! Easily personalize your emails to clients by adding in details like their first and last name, the name of their gallery, and more. Simply schedule your expiration email reminder when creating your gallery, and voila! A wonderfully personalized email reminder will be automatically sent to your client on the day of your choosing, effortlessly enticing them to place print orders or to download their images before it’s too late.

Whether you’re reminding clients to buy prints and download their images or simply communicating when their online photo gallery will expire CloudSpot’s custom expiration reminders help create a remarkable experience for your clients and let you focus on what matters most!

We’re thrilled to be crafting new ways to simplify your workflow and cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the new year!