New Feature

✨NEW✨7 Gallery Cover Options Added


hen clients enter your gallery and view their photos, the experience needs to be something that you are proud to put your name behind.  Over the last few months, we’ve heard your feedback, added a LOT of new features, and are excited to release our new gallery experience!

We’ve taken things to another level when it comes to your client galleries and have created more options when it comes to showing off your stunning photos. From being able to choose unique cover options for each gallery, to easier mobile downloads- we’ve got you covered so you can put your best foot forward.

When you first send a client a gallery, the cover image can create a lasting first impression. Now, we’ve added more options to match your unique style in your client galleries with 7 New Gallery Cover Designs to choose from! Your gallery name no longer has to be restricted to the center of your cover, and portrait style photos can now shine as your cover. You can also adjust the cover photo to be positioned juuuuust right with the new ability to adjust a cover focal point, and click and drag for the perfect fit!

In addition, you don’t have to spend time choosing your ONE favorite photo from an event to be your cover image for all the galleries, as you can also set unique cover photos for every gallery. Organizing multiple shoots for the same client such as an Engagement shoot and a Wedding is now possible within the same Event :) All of these changes can be made in the new Covers section added to your Gallery Settings.

Not only do you have more options for customizing your galleries, but we’ve also added some new options for your clients to enjoy and hopefully make your life easier in the process!

Now, you can allow clients to mark their favorite photos and share a direct link to anyone to those images. They can share via email, SMS text, or copying the direct link to their clipboard to paste elsewhere.

Perhaps one of the biggest time-saving elements we’ve added, is that clients can now alert you immediately and send you a message when they are finished selecting their favorite photos! You’ll receive an email notification right away and move forward in your workflow and access those photos in your Event Analytics.

Clients and gallery visitors can also now conveniently view all of their images at the tap of a button with our new Slideshow feature. For those of you who use your Home Page as a client portal, you’ll now also find we’ve added a handy search feature in the top right corner so clients (or you) can quickly jump to any gallery - no more scrolling for days!

Pretty awesome, right? That’s only a quick overview of some of the big improvements you have waiting for you in your new galleries!

We’re excited to bring even more powerful tools and features to your galleries soon! In the meantime, we hope both you and your clients enjoy!