New Feature

✨ NEW ✨ Custom Fulfillment Sales


his new feature may be just what your business has been waiting for.

We’re thrilled to announce our newest feature, Custom Fulfillment, which allows you the flexibility of selling your way through your client galleries.

Your lab, your choice

We understand the relationship between you and your lab. It’s one of the reasons that we built a gallery for photography! Online photo galleries help your clients fall in love with their photos faster. Falling in love with a lab, on the other hand, isn’t always love at first sight. So when you do, it’s a big deal. We want you to be able to work with the lab that offers products you wish to sell – with the quality you expect.

You can now accept orders through a CloudSpot gallery and fulfill those yourself with the lab of your choice. 👍

Unlimited Products

Anything from 4x6 prints to canvas wall-art — you create which products are best for your customers. Don’t want to offer a canvas print? No problem.

Define which products you wish to sell and add them to your Custom Catalog.

If you serve multiple client types (i.e. Wedding and Commercial) – you can create separate Catalogs with products aimed at fitting them best.

Customizable Prices

Create the profit margin that makes sense for your business. Want to make 400% profit on your prints? Awesome! Define your product and shipping prices directly within your Catalog.

International Selling

Stripe is the best platform for small businesses to easily accept online payments– and is now available to our photographers in 25 countries and over 130 currencies.

Connect Stripe in your CloudSpot Store to start receiving sales from anywhere in the world.

If your country is not supported yet (see supported countries list below), sign up to be notified when selling becomes available. Stripe will email you as soon as your country launches.

Supported countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

We can’t wait to hear how Custom Fulfillment grows your business and are here to support you along the way.

Happy selling!

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