7 Ways to Stand Out as a Newborn Photographer


s a newborn photographer, you have a unique opportunity to capture some of the most cherished moments of a family's life. However, in a crowded newborn photography market, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are seven ways to stand out and become the go-to photographer for newborn portraits.

Send a Questionnaire

Before your newborn session, send your clients a questionnaire to get to know them better. This can include questions about their style preferences, favorite colors, info about siblings that will be attending the session, and any special requests they may have. This will help you tailor your approach and ensure that your clients are happy with the end result. Bonus points if you then make a mood board to show you are understanding thier wants ahead of time.

Be Flexible and Accommodating with Scheduling

Newborn photography can be unpredictable and babies don't always follow schedules. Be flexible and accommodating with your clients, and make sure they feel heard and valued. This can mean rescheduling shoots or making adjustments on the fly (we can almost guarantee the baby will need to be fed during your session) to ensure that your clients are happy and comfortable.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Your studio space can have a significant impact on your client's overall experience. Make sure your space is welcoming and comfortable. New moms and dads are most likely going to be stressed before their session so you want to create an environment that will keep them relaxed. Consider adding cozy seating areas, soft blankets, and soothing music to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. If you're doing an in-home session, bring a sound machine and portable heater to make sure you create a relaxing space for the baby.

Provide Helpful Session Prep Tips and Resources

As a newborn photographer, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can share with your clients. Consider providing a "Prep Guide" with helpful tips and resources on topics such as outfit choices, and preparing for the shoot. This can help your clients feel more confident and prepared, leading to better results.

Offer Prints and Products Post-Session

While digital files are important, prints and products can be an excellent way to set yourself apart from the competition. Consider offering custom-designed albums, canvas prints, and other products that showcase your clients' portraits in unique and meaningful ways. This is easy to do by enabling your CloudSpot Store! CloudSpot also gives you the opportunity to build Packages if you want to offer products in bulk options.

Give Your Client a Gift Bag

Giving your client a small gift bag can go a long way in making them feel appreciated and valued. This can include items such as a onesie, a baby blanket, or a book with a few printed photos. Not only will this gesture make your clients feel special, but it can also help them remember you and recommend you to others.

Over Deliver (and not just with images)

After the shoot, follow up with your clients to make sure they are happy with the results. This can include sending a personalized thank-you note, sharing sneak peek galleries of the photos a day or two after the session, or offering additional services or products. By going above and beyond, you can create loyal clients who will return to you for years to come.

Standing out as a newborn photographer takes more than just taking beautiful photos. By offering exceptional service, personalized touches, and valuable resources, you can create an unforgettable experience for your clients and set yourself apart from the competition. Which idea will you try?!