The Best Free Client Photo Gallery for a Photographer’s Brand


hy Your Business Needs Branding

You’ve seen it before, right? The pre-packaged logos that makes a business feel just as unique as everyone else out there? Or, maybe the website that feels just a little too simple?

One of the most important ways that a photographer can impress their clients and effectively communicate their brand is actually through the delivery of images! Think about it - as photographers, we know that visual communication is incredibly important. You work incredibly hard to ensure that your clients are seeing your brand and identifying with it in such a way that speaks to them directly! That’s why they book you, not someone else!

Part of communicating and building an effective photography brand is uniting your presence online. You carefully curate your Instagram account, craft posts to be just right on your Facebook page, and spend hours redoing your website! When all of these elements join together in harmony, they create a beautiful, harmonious image of who you are as a photographer.

But what about after a client chooses to book you? Once you’ve got someone’s business, do you really need to continue marketing to them and focusing on this brand of yours?

Continuing to market yourself even after the fact is huge. This makes your clients perceive you as more professional, more accessible, and a better business owner all around! I once knew a photographer who gave out directions for parking at his studio by providing a branded map. Talk about dedication! By focusing on the little touches that communicate your brand effectively, your clients will feel right at home throughout the whole experience of working with you.

All of this branding means that, when it comes to delivering their photos, a client’s gallery should feel familiar, intimate, and easy to use. Clients need to be able to log into their photo galleries and easily access their images while still being greeted by your very recognizable brand.

The Best Free Photo Gallery System

To help your brand shine through CloudSpot offers a totally FREE version of their Client Photo Gallery. That’s right! You can sign up for a free account on CloudSpot right now. You’ll get 1GB of Free storage to play around with the system and find out if it’s a good fit for you!

On CloudSpot, you can create private photo galleries for your clients so that they can view and download their images with ease. You can easily allow your clients to shop for prints and products in a store directly from the gallery!

You can also embed videos, create sales and discounts for your clients, and send instant download links! Free photo galleries from CloudSpot mean that you can spend less time worrying about delivering your images to clients and more time shooting.

Once you’re ready to start letting your brand shine through in every aspect of your business (including your photo delivery), CloudSpot is the place to be!

Get started for free by clicking on this link.