Three Ways to Optimize Your Workflow with Laylee Emadi


i, I’m Laylee Emadi 👋 I’m a brand and senior photographer, creative entrepreneur educator, and podcaster based in Dallas, TX but lucky enough to work with clients and students all over the world! I've been a business owner  for over 9 years now, and got started while I was teaching high school. A lot of my first clients were former students who wanted dance or senior photos taken, and I loved the feeling of making them feel empowered and special during their time at their sessions! 

Fast forward nine years later - Now, I primarily photograph personal brands and absolutely love it! It's not really surprising that my passion for teaching and empowering women came full circle as I now get to teach photographers and other creative entrepreneurs every single day! 

One service that has skyrocketed my success as a photographer is CloudSpot. I’ve been using CloudSpot as my client gallery provider for a number of years, and today, I wanted to share a few unique ways that I love to incorporate some of their features into my workflow! 

CloudSpot is the easiest and most beautiful way to present the photos that you work so hard to create for your clients. Client experience is EVERYTHING, so it is important to me that my client image delivery experience is just as seamless and beautiful as the images in their gallery! There’s no better way to deliver your images than in a beautiful, easy to use, and easy to navigate online gallery. My clients can easily download and order prints right from their client gallery and can easily share with family and friends too. 


Workflow Tip #1: The Favorites Folder

Giving gifts is my love language, and my clients aren’t exempt from this! When my clients mark their favorite images in their gallery, I download them, choose a few that I also love, and print them as thank you gifts! I love that I can easily send personalized gifts to my clients while surprising them with a little wow factor that I somehow managed to pick so many of their favorite images to send in print.

If I’m posting anything from a client’s gallery on social media, I want to make sure it is an image they love! I often find myself using their Favorites Folder to help guide what I’m posting. CloudSpot makes it easy to know which images my clients love, so they always feel like they are represented at their best in my online content.

For any albums or custom prints, having the option for a favorites folder makes this process such a breeze! My clients can easily send their favorites to me without a ton of back and forth. They simply tap to “heart” their favorites, and I can see these images reflected on my end! 

Workflow Tip #2: The Online Storefront

Purchasing prints for clients has never been easier! I love this feature within my CloudSpot’s client galleries. Within my online Storefront, clients can see their image mockups of their images in spaces. I love that this helps clients visualize the final product and helps them print with confidence. Like I said before, everything goes back to client experience for me. My clients can order quality prints with confidence, and I know they are receiving a high quality product. 

Plus, it’s so lovely that the printing is unfulfilled and taken care of without me having to touch anything! It is such a win to know that I can get quality prints in the hands of my clients without this occupying my time day to day. 

Workflow Tip #3: Ease and Customization

The ease and customization of CloudSpot’s online galleries is next level! I love that each gallery I deliver is beautiful, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate by my clients, and easy-to-edit on my end. I can customize so much of the experience for my clients which gives me so much confidence when delivering my online galleries.

This is at the core of what CloudSpot is and is also so much of what makes it such a great platform for image delivery! 

Stay connected with Laylee Emadi by visiting her website! She is also on Instagram and has an online shop full of resources and mini-courses! 

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