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4 Reasons Every Photographer Should be Selling Prints Online


ver since the first photographs were captured in 1816, printing photographs has become a staple of preserving memories for the human race. Printed photographs bring about an incredible feeling and release of memory-related emotion that other art forms simply can’t match. 

With the introduction of photo-capable smartphones and easily accessible digital storage, it’s all too common to feel as if printing photographs is an outdated way of experiencing our memories. Today, it’s far more common for individuals to simply let their images sit on their smart devices readily available for viewing at any time.

While many of our images live online, most homes are still decorated with printed images of family and friends, desks are lined with old memories, and rooms are adorned with beautifully framed heirlooms. 

As photographers, our number one mission is to capture memories for our clients that can be cherished forever. If you’re not selling prints, you’re missing out on a huge component of your business, a big opportunity for more cash, more value for your clients, and incredible marketing opportunities.

1. Earn more through selling prints. 

Small business owners often get started in their business by offering one product. For photographers, that may be a special niche like wedding or portrait photography! As businesses grow, the types of products that can be offered should grow as well; once you’ve perfected one aspect of your photography business, it’s time to work on another. 

As you expand your product offering, the easiest way to generate more income is by introducing “add-on” products. These are items that stem from the original product that you’re selling! If you’re a wedding photographer, event coverage and digital images may be your bread and butter, whereas print products can be an additional add-on. Let your clients order directly from the images that you send them in their private galleries and voila! You’ve got some extra cash coming in each month.

2. Create more value for your clients.

Consider crafting a message around why your clients should care about printing their photos to encourage and educate them about how preserving their memories is important! By offering more value to current and future clients, your business will become a more desirable choice when being evaluated against others.

Partnering with an incredible lab like WHCC or Miller’s through CloudSpot is an easy way to provide access to high-quality items that your clients won’t be able to find at Walmart or Costco. Providing a wide variety of products for clients to choose from will allow them to find something that suits their needs or style.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

3. Take advantage of built-in word of mouth marketing.

Imagine the conversations that will get started around larger statement pieces like canvases or metal prints. When your art is hanging up in a client’s home, it’s on full display for any houseguests. Beautiful, bold prints are a conversation starter like none other, and they give your clients an opportunity to rave about their experience with their wonderful photographer!

4. It’s easier than ever.

Selling prints and products online can feel intimidating and confusing. Luckily, platforms like CloudSpot make it incredibly easy for photographers to get started. With our new Store Experience, clients can see their images on the products that they’re ordering, giving them the confidence to buy from your galleries on any device. 

You can immediately level up your client’s shopping experience and boost sales with the brand new CloudSpot store. Get started by customizing your store and pricing, enable sales in your client’s gallery, and let the orders start rolling in.

When your clients buy with confidence, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition!

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