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5 Tips When Encouraging Photography Print Sales


he busiest time for photographers and our partner labs is here! With wedding season wrapping up, holiday portrait season going into full swing, and clients being in the buying mood; now is the perfect time to set up your gallery Store for success!

So the big question is...are you prepared?

Below, you will find five tips that may help to encourage client print sales.  

Let Your Clients Know You Have a Shop

Being able to purchase prints and products from your CloudSpot Store is a service many may not know is available. Life happens and things fall off everyone’s radar after a while. It's a good idea to make your clients aware (or remind them!) that they can order prints, canvases, custom products, digital files, and heirloom albums all directly from their gallery!

With your CloudSpot Storefront, you can set your price on products, keep 100% of your profits (with no hidden fees), and choose what to sell! We do the rest. Your Storefront also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay! If you need assistance setting up your CloudSpot Store for holiday print orders, we are here to help.

Don't Assume They Know How to Order

Your products and order process may make sense to you, but they might be confusing or overwhelming to your clients. Make sure you provide them with clarity on how to order, products you think may be ideal for them, popular sizing, and easy-to-understand pricing. If your clients are able to go into your Store with clarity on what and how to order it’ll be a win-win for everyone!


Keep Your Storefront Simple

Showing your clients too many products or options can be overwhelming. Arrange and customize the layout of your Storefront Categories such that your most popular products are the first things everyone sees when looking to buy. 


Be Prepared for Busy Season Print Delays

Our print partners are working quickly during busy season, but can get caught up in delays if they have to chase down and change orders or have to cancel things after they have already been sent to print. The good news is your CloudSpot Storefront can help mitigate almost all cases which can cause a client’s order to be delayed. Using CloudSpot’s Order Approval feature, you can review and approve all orders you receive before it goes to print. This allows you to adjust any incorrect cropping as well as replace the image file in case where retouching/adjustments may be needed prior to going into production. You’ll receive an email immediately after the order is placed so you can review and approve ASAP. Be sure to factor these approval timings into your schedule to ensure your clients aren’t waiting on you - we’ll take care of the rest!

Keep in mind all print labs have deadlines and cut-offs to get orders printed by desired holiday dates. Be mindful of timing and unforeseen delays with shipping (especially during COVID) and make sure to communicate to your clients that they place their order with plenty of time remaining! 

If you have a question about your print materials or lead times, be sure to reach out to the CloudSpot team or our partner print lab before the order is submitted.

Show Samples of Prints and Products

Not everyone can imagine and perfectly visualize how a product will look in their own hands or in their space. Thankfully, your CloudSpot Storefront is ready to assist you here! In your Store, you will find products with mockups, various sizing, and the ability for your client to see their gallery photos right on the product for themselves. Your clients are more likely to buy when they see products featuring themselves, so CloudSpot’s galleries and Storefront have you covered!

Once you remember to let your clients know about your Storefront, skip the assumptions, and keep it simple, you're ready to sell! 


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