Amalie Orrange’s Five Favorite Features in CloudSpot for Brand Photography


i there! I’m Amalie Orrange, AKA The Branded Boss Lady! I have been a professional photographer for the past 12 years and now specialize in Brand Photography for female-owned businesses! 

I became a CloudSpot user after an experience with another gallery company that resulted in losing access to ALL of my galleries containing years and YEARS of work. It was a nightmare! I began looking for a new photo hosting company with hopes that I would find someone that matched my wishlist! I was dreaming of incredible customer service for me as a photographer with an unmatched client experience on the client gallery side. I wanted my new galleries to be easy to view and select images for my clients with beautiful collage-style layouts too. I share thousands of images with clients, so it was important to me that the price for the storage my business requires was reasonable. CloudSpot checked every wish on my list… and more! ❤️

There are a ton of features that I love as a photographer, but specifically as a brand photographer, CloudSpot has really helped me grow my business which is what I love most. In addition to having more time to do what I love, I can make more money because it is so easy for clients to pick images for me to edit. They receive a select number of files with their brand session package and many tend to purchase more files from their gallery too. More money in my pocket is always a win!

As a brand photographer, these are the five CloudSpot features that I find myself most grateful for within my workflow! I hope this gives you some insight into just how powerful CloudSpot galleries are!

Feature #1: The Favorites Button

As a brand photographer, my workflow is a little different than a typical wedding and portrait photographer! I deliver a gallery within 24 hours of my clients’ sessions that I call their “unedited gallery.” This contains their unedited images where they can then go through each image and decide which ones they love and want me to edit for them! As a side note, I can watermark my unedited images automatically through CloudSpot which keeps the unedited images protected— such a great feature too! 

My clients favorite their images just by clicking the little heart on the right-hand side of their images, and from there, I can see their favorites in a streamlined folder on my Dashboard. 

This entire process saves me loads of time because I don’t have to edit every single image and can easily access the list of their favorites! Previously, I wasted time writing every single file number they loved, but now, I can see exactly the images they select in real-time! This makes my editing process faster and more streamlined for me, and overall, so easy for my clients.

CloudSpot review from The Branded Boss Lady

Feature #2: Multi-File Upload Support

GIF upload support has changed the way I deliver image files to clients! I tend to make a ton of GIFS for my clients to use as short video clips for their social media and website. Before CloudSpot, I had to hand-deliver images in a separate email. With CloudSpot, I upload them directly into my client gallery, just as I would any other image! They can access these files as soon as I deliver their gallery and everything is housed in one easy location for them. 

CloudSpot supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, AI, and PDF files for images! How amazing is that?! 

Feature #3: Call-to-Action

Reputation is everything as a brand photographer! As potential clients research photographers, they want to know how you are to work with, what your workflow is like, how clients felt while in front of your camera, and of course, they are also looking for insight on how incredible their final images will be! 

In gallery settings, you can create a Call-to-Action button! I specifically use this section to link to my Google Business listing to collect reviews! Since adding this section to my galleries, I’ve seen a huge uptick in Google reviews! This helps my search-ability and SEO as a brand photographer tremendously! 

If you were looking for some other options for the Call-to-Action button, you could also send clients to your website, a link to book another session, to an email capture list, or social pages. I love that the possibilities are endless and that you can get so creative with this section! 

CloudSpot review from The Branded Boss Lady


Feature #4: Custom Branding 

As a brand photographer, I know just how important it is to have cohesive branding across your entire business. I love that CloudSpot galleries can be perfectly branded just for your business! From adding your logos and watermarks to creating a custom brand accent color, this feature makes me look SO good! Custom branding in my online galleries keeps my brand image cohesive in every single aspect of my business which is huge for professionalism and overall brand recognition. 

When my brand clients send their galleries to web designers and anyone else that may help with their business, they see my work looking pulled together and professional. My galleries appear clean, branded, and professional which has landed me a few additional jobs! Some local brand designers have loved their experience with my online galleries so much, I’m now their go-to brand photographer! 

CloudSpot review from The Branded Boss Lady | Brand galleries


Feature #5: The Notification Center

I love watching my clients use and enjoy their images! Through the Notification Center, I can see when my client shares their gallery, logs into their gallery, downloads images, and more! This is a huge affirmation that my clients are excited about their images, but I also love that this makes me aware when clients choose to purchase additional images, meaning more money from each gallery sent… AMAZING! 

You’ll see a quick screenshot of what I see within my notification center (with my client names whited out for privacy, of course!). Depending on your settings, you’ll be able to see exactly who is entering your gallery and what they are doing! 


I highly recommend trying CloudSpot out for yourself… you will LOVE IT! I know it can seem overwhelming and like a huge job to move gallery providers, but it was absolutely worth it for me. I moved over 8 years of work relatively quickly, and it has been GREAT to have all this work archived and backed up, thanks to my unlimited storage plan! Also, CloudSpot’s support is the best there is! They are available for free consultations to answer any questions you may have about using CloudSpot to deliver your client galleries. 

You can sign up to check out CloudSpot for yourself by clicking here! I am SO excited for you to level up your business through their top-notch features and customizations! 

Ready for your own CloudSpot experience? Sign up free today.