New Feature

CloudSpot is Now 100% Web-Based


oday is a big day here at CloudSpot HQ…it’s moving day! 🚛

While there may not be any actual boxes here at our office, we do have a brand new address…on the web!

Yes, that’s right, CloudSpot access is now available in your web browser!

When CloudSpot was first created, it was developed to be an installable desktop application that allowed photographers to create online photo galleries on both Mac and PC. At the time, we were using the best technology available for accomplishing all the actions which would help photographers streamline their workflow. But, as all things do in the technology arena, web browsers over the next years became much more powerful. What you could only do with downloadable software was now possible in your favorite browser, so we made the decision that it was time to invest in the long-term growth of CloudSpot’s platform and move our entire interface over to the web!

This is a culmination of many months worth of planning, work, and late nights by our entire team. On the heels of our new design changes, the web version of CloudSpot will also allow us to release more frequent updates every single day. Updates used to be weekly or even monthly, but now everything will be seamless. Every time our photographers log in to the web platform they’ll automatically be using the latest and greatest from our team!

We know this move will be an adjustment for our very early adopters. Admittedly, it will be an adjustment for all of us…we’re still guilty of more than once opening the old version 😅

BUT….the “pros” far outweigh the “cons” and we can’t wait to be bringing more frequent updates for our entire community.

Already, our team has begun on a mobile version to make a mobile-friendly photo gallery on our web interface. That way, accessing your CloudSpot dashboard and sending out photo galleries will soon be possible while you’re on the go! 🎉

This is just one of the many perks our move to the web and we’re so excited to share all of the other new things we have coming!

Okay, enough of us prattling on….go check out the new web interface HERE!