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Four Reasons to Sell Prints in your Photography Packages


f you aren’t sure where to start with print packages or currently offer simple photography packages with only download options to your clients, this blog is for you.

There are many reasons why you may want to incorporate print sales in your photography packages. Whether providing prints through print credits or setting up various options for print package amounts, including prints in your photography packages will increase your overall value as a photographer to your client.

From increasing your bottom line to deepening your connection with your work, keep reading to learn four reasons you should include prints in your photography packages.  

It's what your clients want (whether they know it or not)

Clients invest in photography for many reasons, and it’s no longer just because they need a new profile photo! While our society has shifted to a huge focus on digital imagery, there is still a huge desire for printed photos, whether your clients realize it or not. Your clients' imagery from their session will make valuable home decor pieces, treasured albums, amazing framed gifts, scrapbook essentials, gifts for grandma, and so much more— it’s up to you as the photographer to convey the value and share the opportunity to order prints in your photography packages!

If print sales are important to you as a business owner (Which we know they are— after all, it’s increased income for your business!), it is key that you are educating your clients on the value they’ll receive in the high-quality prints you provide and the options that are available for purchase. What better way to do so than to include the cost of your most popular prints and products as a print credit with a discount code included in your photography packages?

By including prints as an option in your client experience, you’ll automatically open the door for your client to pursue your print options! With your CloudSpot gallery, clients will be able to see their images displayed in the various print and product options encouraging sales and orders through your clients’ online gallery.

Click here to learn more about creating custom discount codes to gift clients print credits.

Printed photos are a key part of client experience

Depending on your niche, it is almost a guarantee that your clients will purchase prints from somewhere after their photography experience with you— this is especially true for portrait and wedding photographers. So why not order prints from you?

As a photographer, your client experience is everything. Having control of the quality of your client experience from inquiry through final print orders is a guaranteed way to impress your clients. Whether you realize it or not, inaccurate colors or poor product quality resulting from a lab that you are not partnered with could impact your client’s perception of their images and experience with your business. Clients may feel disappointed in the quality of a product or could become frustrated that the colors aren’t true to what they are seeing in their gallery. While this isn’t your fault as a photographer as you don’t have control over your clients’ actions, there is a chance that there is more that you could be doing to avoid the problem by educating your clients on quality prints while offering solutions for them to purchase high quality and color-accurate prints.  

Through CloudSpot, there’s an easy solution to ensure your clients are always delighted with their images and that their prints stand the test of time. We are partnered with some of the top print labs in the industry to automatically fulfill client print orders, ensuring top-quality products that are made to last. This will give you peace of mind that the quality of your clients’ prints will be top-notch without the time needed to fulfill print orders yourself. Simply select your lab, create your catalog, and add them to your galleries— we’ll take it from there!

By including print credits in your photography experiences, clients will feel empowered to order prints and products directly through you. If they have ordered prints and products from other sources, the difference in quality will be apparent.

If you’re looking for a little more control, you can also go the Custom-Fulfillment route for client images, partnering with a lab of your choice to fulfill print orders on your own.

To learn more about CloudSpot print fulfillment options, click here to learn about Auto Fulfillment and click here to learn about Custom Fulfillment.

It's fulfilling as an artist and business person

As photographers, holding your work in your hands is quite special. More than that though, knowing that your work will be on the walls of your clients’ homes or in their photo albums for generations to come is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling. Your talent and amazing work deserve to be treasured and displayed by your clients! Adding prints to your photography packages is a surefire way to sell more prints and increase your profit margins while also increasing the heart and purpose behind your work.

By including a print credit, whether it’s for a percentage or dollar amount discount code, you also guarantee that clients will be inclined to purchase from you to take advantage of that discount. Even if it is on a subconscious level, you’ll push to provide your clients with your best and most creative work every time, knowing that your client is looking for frame-worthy images to hang over their mantle thanks to the print credit you provided. 

Click here to learn how to create a memorable online experience for your clients.

It's profitable and sustainable

Selling prints is an incredible way to increase your profit for every session or event you photograph. By including print and products in your photography packages, you’ll increase the value of your experience, meaning that you can choose your print markup pricing and charge more for your work. Chances are good, your clients will order more than the included prints when they place their order with their included print credit. It’s time to increase your earnings by including prints in your photography packages.

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