Print Sales

How to Create a Memorable Experience for Your Clients


ave you ever heard of In-Person Sales (IPS)? IPS was the standard for photographers trying to sell prints and products for many years. It has traditionally been an effective way to sell for many people! 

One of the biggest reasons for this has been the ability to control the client experience. People pulled out all the stops. Dim the lights, a big screen with projected images, some fancy background music, expensive sales software, sometimes food and beverages, and most importantly a nice, comfy couch.

Seriously, photographers went all out to create the right experience for their clients.

For the most part, IPS took a lot of time (and money) if you wanted to do it well. For some people, it was (and still is), very effective. There’s no doubt that experience is an essential element to creating sales.

What if you’re unable to offer IPS? What if your business is only designed to sell images and products online? How can you still provide a memorable experience without having to invest the time, expense, and challenges of providing something memorable in person?

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and more people are completing their purchases online. As a result, your client’s experience of buying goods and services is shifting into the virtual space. Products are being sold via online galleries more than ever before, and that experience is still essential. 

Let’s Take It Online

While you may not be in the same room as your clients, you can still communicate with them in real-time using apps like Zoom. Coming off a year like 2020, most people have become accustomed to communicating via their screens, and attending a sales session online isn’t the barrier it was before. 

Don’t be afraid to meet with your clients through a video chat when you deliver their images. 

The relational piece is a massive part of the experience and chatting in real-time is a great way to build rapport. Navigating their CloudSpot gallery with them for the first time can also be a gratifying experience for you.

Whether or not you can meet with them via video, you can still provide many of the elements used to sell in person. Slideshows are a great way for your clients to see their images for the first time. A simple 3-4 second per image with a one-second dissolve set to some music creates a beautiful first impression. If you’re in a virtual session, share your screen and play a slideshow at the beginning of your session. If not, send them a link and suggest they view it before they see their gallery!

Prompting the Sale

Another great technique is providing a “Photographer’s favorites” folder of images. This is a folder of your favorite images as the artist!  These images are what your client sees first and prompts a fantastic opportunity for you to suggest which photos work best with certain products such as wall art or albums. 

When your client is wondering what they should buy, you have a suggestion ready for them. You can even get specific with sizing, adding in larger products such as wall groupings of several images.

Some photographers choose to design a few pre-made options that go hand in hand with this technique. Take a few minutes before a sale to create some examples of what you’re making available to your client. CloudSpot’s storefront automatically shows off what your products will look like while they shop! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at their response when they have a good idea of what a finished product can look like. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to offer incentives or calls to action. 

These techniques are frequently used during an IPS session, and they can be just as effective when selling online. From sales and discounts with a deadline to financing options and BOGOs, you can create win-win situations that reward prompt purchasing and add to the overall experience.

Selling your work doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. The sales experience is essential, and it can be an integral part of your business whether you’re selling in-person, online, or a hybrid of both. CloudSpot can help you offer your clients a wonderful experience they will associate with you and your business. When you realize that your earning potential increases for every minute spent with your client while giving them a pleasant experience getting the products they want in return, everybody wins.