Print Sales

How to Easily Sell Large Prints


hat’s the ideal print size for my clients?

Well, it’s not often that someone will present artwork in their home that’s considered “too large” for the actual space. If anything, the opposite is true! Appropriate sizing is essential, and while it is possible to go too big, that’s a rare occurrence.

One of the reasons that people often feel confused about “how big is too big” when it comes to prints is that we don’t know how large artwork should be! Whether you’re hanging portraits on a wall, adding a piece of home to your desk, or spicing up your coffee table. Oftentimes, it’s on you as the photographer to help determine which size makes the most sense for your client. Should that wall portrait be a 24x30 or a 30x40 when placed above their couch?

Keeping this in mind, one of the most helpful sales strategies when it comes to photography is “show big to sell big.” 

When showing big, there’s no way to strike out. Both you as the photographer and your client will benefit (which is always a good thing)! This isn’t just because larger wall art brings in more revenue and profit; people are more likely to purchase artwork that is often too small for their space.

CloudSpot helps you effortlessly sell larger, more appropriately sized imagery through the use of scale! Offering a variety of sizes might seem like the way to go, but that doesn’t necessarily help your clients decide which option is best, as most people will feel unfamiliar with what those dimensions mean.

Most of the time, there really is a “best” option.

CloudSpot allows you to show off your client’s prints automatically by placing them in familiar scenes. Whether they’re trying to find the right scale for images above the couch or a frame on the bedside table, your clients will be able to see exactly what they’re purchasing before they pull the trigger! 

These images are automatically created in CloudSpot’s storefront, which gives you an edge when it comes to selling big.

At the end of the day, your clients will thank you for being so helpful and providing them with perspective. You’ll be happy that your work is being displayed properly! Not to mention the extra money for your time and effort as well.