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How to Effortlessly Choose What to Offer Your Clients


f you had to choose one thing to rescue from a house fire, what would it be?

For many families, photographs are high on that list. There is profound importance in preserving the memories that photos represent to us.

More than anything else, this truth illustrates just how important photography is at keeping those memories alive, especially in their physical form. It demonstrates the dramatic impact that tangible photography products like wall art and albums can have on someone.

How much emphasis should you as a photographer put on offering products to your clients?

For the time being, let’s set aside the fear and the effort involved in selling products. Yes, revenue and profit are important if not necessary, pieces of the puzzle. Let’s consider the deeper reasons for a moment.

What Options Tell Our Clients

One of the biggest problems photographers face is that their clients don’t know what their options are. They want beautiful wall art or an elegant album featuring their family or their children or their wedding, but they aren’t able to express that sense very well without actually seeing what can be done for them. How can you fix that?

Easy, remove barriers. 

Making it easier for your clients to understand which products they have access to will cause them to be more interested in making an investment. You’ve heard it said that “you need to show it to sell it”. In many cases, this is simply the truth!

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash.

What Happens When I Offer Nothing?

It might seem easiest to simply offer nothing in the way of prints and products. After all, that means less work for you, right?

Here’s the problem: those images may very well sit in a gallery or on a hard drive indefinitely simply because there were too many decisions and barriers between the client and a finished product! 

You see, by not providing a path towards ordering physical products, you leave your clients to forge their own. Unfortunately, this often leads them to cheaper, short-lived options instead of the beautiful, archival quality your work deserves. In reality, offering those types of products only takes an extra 10% of your effort

On top of that, you don’t have any control over the experience and the positive feelings that come along with it. Clients automatically miss out on a wonderful interaction with your brand!

Make It Easy for Everyone

By selling prints and products through an online gallery system like CloudSpot, you can easily make money with your images. You’ll have full control over your client’s experience! You can ensure that your clients are preserving their memories with the print quality that you trust. 

It’s easy to get started!

Finished products are important!  They are an essential part of building your photography business and offering a complete experience to your clients. Not offering clients products is doing them (and yourself) a great disservice. 

Together, we can get the right products in the hands of your clients who will cherish them for years and years to come.