New Feature

✨NEW✨ Multiple Client Favorite Lists


e love listening to ways we can make each photographer’s life easier! (The CloudSpot team is pretty obsessed with it, actually.)

An area where it was clear we could streamline things more for your workflow was in the area of client favorites! Depending on the gallery and client, we know our photographers have used our favoriting feature for many purposes in their online photo galleries.

Especially when the client has a book or album, they would often favorite photos from the gallery that they wanted included in their book. Seeing as you (the photographer) can see which images were favorited, that made perfect sense and it was really useful!

However, what if there were multiple books, or if your client wanted to share a different set of images with someone instead of the entire gallery? Having clients limited to a single favorites list left out any possibility for them to use this feature for more than one purpose.

Well, the CloudSpot team is thrilled to bring more freedom and flexibility to gallery favoriting! 🎉

Clients can now create multiple lists of favorites in their gallery and easily add or share those images from any device!

Click on the Analytics button in any Collection to view all of the Favorites marked by clients and visitors 👍

All of these lists can be seen by you (the photographer) in your Collection Analytics and your clients will still have the ability to “Alert Photographer” for any given list when they have finished making their selections.

Clients can click the button “Alert Photographer” and leave you a quick message about their favorites!

We’re excited to see all the ways this is used by everyone and look forward to continue listening to ways we can help make this experience even better!

Check out this quick video showing you how this feature looks to both clients and photographers!

We hope you enjoy ❤️