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Print Sales Tips from Top CloudSpot Sellers


ne of the most used features of CloudSpot is the photographer’s Storefront. With the ability to set custom prices on products, keep 100% of profits (with no hidden feeds), and choose what to sell, photographers are setting up their Storefronts now more than ever.  In 2021, our photographers will have sold more than $350,000 in commission-free store orders! Wow!

If you need assistance setting up your CloudSpot Store for holiday print orders, we are here to help.

We surveyed a few of our Top CloudSpot Store Sellers, and they provided us with tips to share with newer CloudSpot Store Sellers or those thinking about setting up their Store.

Question: What do you love most about your CloudSpot Store? 

Amy Barber | Bluegrass Bebe Photography: "CloudSpot is just so easy and seamless. Having the ability to set up different packages for different clients (school photos, family photos, portraits) at different price points makes store sales a breeze. I needed the ability to approve every order before submitted, and I appreciate that value-added service with CloudSpot’s Order Approval feature."

Jaime Swanson | Sweet Serendipity Photography: "CloudSpot gives my Store a nice presentation for my clients!"

Question: What are some tips you want to share with newer CloudSpot Store Sellers?

Amy Barber | Bluegrass Bebe Photography: "Set up your CloudSpot Store with fair market prices that you feel good about and attach it to every single gallery! You will always be surprised who is willing to purchase prints on top of the services they have already paid for through booking."

Jaime Swanson | Sweet Serendipity Photography: "Put the effort in to establish your pricing and order workflow so that your Store can run itself!"

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Bluegrass Bebe Photography (Louisville, KY)

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Jaime Swanson

Sweet Serendipity Photography (Gainesville, FL)

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