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The Best Way for Photographers to Sell Albums


f all the products that photographers can offer their clients, albums stand alone in their uniqueness and versatility. Albums are timeless heirlooms that help your clients relive their memories.

There is nothing quite like an album. 

An album is meant to be handled, not merely viewed. An album brings with it a sense of tangibility and texture that other products lack. An album can tell a story with a level of emotion-provoking detail that is second to none.

Albums are an important product for most photographers. They are the perfect wedding or event archival keepsake. They are also a great add-on product. If you typically try to focus on selling wall art, an album is a great way for a client to physically hold onto the images they loved in a beautiful book that can easily be shared with friends and family!

Albums can be offered when your client gets to a point where they’re having trouble narrowing their choices down. If their favorite images have been chosen for prints that will hang on the wall, they can add additional images to be incorporated into an album. Most of us have fond memories of flipping through family photo albums. This shared experience is a great way to encourage clients to purchase their own album in your CloudSpot gallery.

Albums are also wonderful products to sell in multiples. The challenging work is complete once an album is designed! At that point, it makes so much sense to offer discounts for multiple copies so that other members of the family can enjoy their own handcrafted beautiful keepsake for their coffee table! Oftentimes, these albums can be sold in smaller versions to help lower the cost for each client.

The actual design of the album may feel like an intimidating challenge at first. Many people associate hours and hours of work in a complicated program like Photoshop or InDesign with creating an album. While those applications are extremely capable, they are no longer necessary in order for you to create a beautiful album for your clients. 

Now, WHCC’s modern and intuitive album designer can be used directly in CloudSpot’s client galleries. Your clients can choose from high-quality cover materials, museum-grade paper types, and custom debossing. The designer itself is easy to use and takes all of the guesswork out of designing the perfect album! It’s never been easier to create a stunning, quality book that clients will cherish forever.

Remember, albums are incredibly valuable physical heirlooms and can be used for show and tell when visiting relatives who may have only viewed images in your CloudSpot gallery up until that point. Seeing a printed version is another experience entirely; one that provides moments of warmth and wonder for years.

Whether your focus is on weddings and events, portraits, or something else entirely, albums are a great way to showcase your imagery. They are a versatile, portable, tangible solution for you to provide to your clients when they have a story to be told or just too many favorites to choose from. Most importantly, albums are a timeless product that will be enjoyed for generations.