Wedding Galleries Made Easy


i, I'm Katelyn Workman, a Virginia-based wedding and destination photographer. When I first started photography, I took pictures of my friend and sent her final photos over Facebook Messenger. Facebook distorts your photos, but thankfully she was a friend. 0/10 do not recommend.

If you don't like what you currently use to send photos or don't know how to send photos to your clients, I have a solution for you. I switched to CloudSpot for my wedding galleries and I am loving them. I want my clients to not just download photos, but truly treasure their memories, and CloudSpot lets me do just that.

CloudSpot Offers Free Migration

The first reason I switched was CloudSpot's free migration feature. They will migrate your galleries from a previous gallery service for you! This was stressful for me because I was using another program for a while and tried a few galleries. I didn't like the idea of re-uploading all the galleries to a new company. Migration with CloudSpot was very fast.

CloudSpot is Grandma-Proof

The second reason I switched was CloudSpot is so simple. The fact that they say the platform is "Grandma-Proof" is so true. Downloads are effortless per image or in bulk. Setting up your gallery and print store is a breeze. Once set up, you can set up a discount code for the first 7 days after a photo shoot to encourage my clients to print their photos. My print sales have gone up a lot ever since I switched to CloudSpot for my galleries.

Bonus: CloudSpot just launched Augmented Reality for prints and canvases! On the client side of the Print Store, your clients can view Canvases, select a size, and click the VIEW IN MY SPACE button to launch the experience. I'm horrible with technology and this was so easy for me!

CloudSpot has Quick Image Uploads

Another reason why I love CloudSpot is the upload time. Uploading images to my galleries takes just a few minutes and I can keep working while the uploads are processing in the background. This is a great time saver.

CloudSpot Customization is Unmatched

You can add your own branding, button colors, choose cover photos, and add a custom header image making it pretty and your own.

With these customizations, I can make my own Portfolio page and choose which weddings or engagement session galleries I want to feature on this Portfolio with just a simple checkbox in each of my Gallery Settings. I can then grab my Portfolio link and share with whomever I want.

If you're ready to try CloudSpot, sign up with my referral link and have 50% off automatically applied when you're ready to upgrade.

Additionally, if you need any help making your subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera or need help posting, grab my free posing guide.

TLDR: Watch my YouTube video instead!