Why Gallery Security is Important for Boudoir Photography


y clients often ask me, “How do you protect my private images?” And the answer is simple! I pick the best software in the industry.

My name is Hannah Rachael and I started in photography with weddings back in 2012. One day it hit me to change my path into woman’s portraits and boudoir photography. I realized there were so many humans out there who will never get to feel ‘celebrated’ if they didn’t get married and I wanted to change that. I wanted every person to have their moment of feeling completely spoiled and feel like a super model. I opened by boudoir studio in Litchfield CT in 2016 and it has been amazing to uplift and empower all bodies at every stage of their lives... but I also knew I needed to crack down on security and create a safe space for my clients to really be free.

Boudoir photography is a genre of photography that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of women, I like to call myself an empowerment photographer because I build my business around helping every body fall in love with themselves and empower you to change your life. Never letting your body hold you back every again from the things you love.  Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular, and with that, there has been an increase in the number of boudoir photography websites and online galleries.

With the increasing popularity of these websites comes an increased risk of security breaches. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of security in boudoir online gallery systems, and why it is crucial to work with a trustworthy gallery company and photographer that takes security seriously. 🔐

Add Password Protection on Galleries

One of the most critical aspects of boudoir online gallery security is password protection. Passwords are the first line of defense against unauthorized access to online galleries. In your CloudSpot "Gallery Settings", you can enable a password to require input to view gallery photos and/or gallery expiration dates. In my studio I offer both options. My client and I make a password in person so it is never transferred via email or online & I also expire my galleries so they go dormant and can’t be found!

It is important to use a strong password that is not easily guessable. A strong password should be at least eight characters long, contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Additionally, it is essential to avoid using common passwords, such as "password123" or "qwerty."

Keep Private Galleries Off Your Online Portfolio

CloudSpot can show and hide galleries from your Portfolio. This can be done in the "Gallery Settings" when publishing a Gallery. Simply uncheck "Display in Portfolio" to ensure your private gallery is not visible on any of your CloudSpot Portfolios that may get ranked by search engines.

I also tell my clients we can use a nick name or anonymous name to label their gallery so they have no identifying searchable name at all!

Lastly, once I send my gallery I use the instant ZIP file option for my client to easily download their images and access their gallery. This way they can download right away and when the gallery expires they already have every thing.

Track Who is Viewing Your Galleries

CloudSpot's Email Capture and Notification Center are powerful tools that allow photographers to track who is viewing their boudoir galleries and downloading photos. 👀

Here's how photographers can use this feature:

  1. Enable Email Capture: Photographers can enable email capture in their CloudSpot account. This can be done in the "Gallery Settings" when publishing a Gallery. Once enabled, CloudSpot will prompt gallery viewers to enter their name and email address before they can access the gallery.
  2. Review Notifications: Once email capture is enabled, photographers can see notifications in their Notification Center every time someone views their boudoir gallery or downloads a photo.

By using CloudSpot's Email Capture and Notification Center, photographers can gain valuable insights into who is viewing their boudoir galleries and downloading photos. This can help photographers keep their client's work secure and adjust their settings accordingly.

In summary… pick a reliable gallery service you love!

The most obvious way to protect your boudoir galleries is to work with a trustworthy gallery company. A reliable gallery company will prioritize the security of its clients' photos and personal information. CloudSpot is a popular online gallery system that is trusted by many boudoir photographers. CloudSpot offers password protection for all galleries, along with other security features, such as the ability to keep private galleries out of online portfolios, the ability to track who has seen a published or private gallery, SSL certificates, and IP restrictions.

By working with a trusted gallery company like CloudSpot, photographers can be confident that their clients' photos and personal information are secure. This not only protects the privacy and security of clients but also helps to build trust between photographers and their clients to really let loose on the day of their sessions! When clients know their photos and personal information are secure, they are more likely to recommend the photographer to others and return for future *spicier* sessions.

Security and safety is crucial when it comes to my online galleries, plus it’s interface is easy to use and upload to and the finished gallery looks just as beautiful as my clients <3

If you're ready to try CloudSpot, use my referral link for a major discount when you sign up.

Till next time,

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