Generate Passive Income with Your Client Gallery


hy did you become a photographer? Was it to fuel a passion? Because you see the world differently? Because you dream of capturing memories? Maybe it was to earn money doing something you love. Whatever your reason is, we believe that you deserve to be earning more on top of your booking rates for your time, talent, and efforts, increasing your earnings, bottom line, and building your financial freedom.

In this blog, we will teach you to be more successful by showing you ways to increase your photography business income on top of your session booking rates! If you read our previous blog post on how to sell more prints, then you heard from The Beginning Photography Podcast how important it is to set up a Storefront to sell prints. First, let’s conquer that fear and set up your Storefront with ease. 

Set Up Photography Print Sales

If you photograph portraits, weddings, families, or anything special to your clients, you're in the business of preserving memories that deserve to be cherished forever. Selling prints through our auto-fulfillment services is an incredible way to earn more for each gallery sent with little to no day-to-day management from you. 

Clients don’t know how easy, convenient, and affordable it is ordering gorgeous prints from you. Ordering from your gallery is more convenient for clients than going and spending money elsewhere - which they absolutely will. Show your clients the way and give them every opportunity and incentive to buy in your gallery. If you’re on a CloudSpot paid plan, you keep 100% of your sales profits and everything is shipped directly to your clients! 📬 The best news is your Store is completely mobile friendly and clients can access it from their galleries and Mobile Apps at any time!

The average CloudSpot print order is around $100! That means even if you have a handful of print orders per month, you could make $1,200 in one year that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. 💰 Add a few marketing efforts and you will see this income number continue to increase. Little by little, print sales add up! Are you currently selling prints to your clients through your Storefront? Selecting your product offerings and markups is simple and you can be on your way to selling prints in just a matter of minutes. 

To learn more about setting up your online storefront and additional options, click here

Diversify Your Printed Product Offerings 

Catering to your market is key to maximizing your business earnings through your CloudSpot client gallery. With options to offer a huge range of prints and canvases, remember that your CloudSpot Storefront is also built to sell Custom Printed Cards and Albums

What does your client need from their final images? Are your wedding clients looking to preserve memories for generations to come? Albums are the perfect product for them. 

Are your portrait clients ready to purchase their Holiday Cards as soon as they receive their fall mini session? What about invites for their wedding or baby announcements? Upcoming graduation ceremonies? You’ll want to enable Cards as an option on their gallery to offer these types of Cards to your clients.

By anticipating your client needs and seeking out ways to fill them through unique product offerings, as a photographer, you create a strategic client experience that caters directly to your client needs. Add a markup to your prints and products to ensure you get paid. 🙌

To learn more about adding these products to your Storefront Catalogs: 

  • 💌 Learn more about Cards
  • 📔 Learn more about Albums

Upsell Digital Image Downloads

With CloudSpot, sales opportunities are endless! You can sell digital images just like you would prints and products! Selling digital images will be dependent on your business and session structure. That said, this is a wonderful avenue to pursue when integrated correctly! If you include a select number of digital images as a client deliverable, you can also allow your clients to purchase individual or all of their digital images from their gallery. 

The delivery of free or paid digital images can be automated through CloudSpot, so you can earn while CloudSpot takes care of the heavy lifting! Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to have access to additional digital images from their session and you’ll appreciate the extra money in your account— a win-win!

The sky's the limit with CloudSpot! There are truly so many ways to dig in and earn more through one platform. We want to encourage you to get creative as you think of your clients’ individual needs. The opportunities to earn are endless when you go above and beyond to seek out and serve your clients with heart and intention! 

Create and Sell Print and Digital Packages 

Increase print sales by simplifying the decision-making process for your clients through Print and Digital Packages. Print Packages are a great way to simplify the purchasing process for your clients, reducing stress and streamlining their experience from start to finish, decreasing buyer hesitation, and increasing overall sales.

Go from selling a few prints to providing a more purposeful Storefront experience for every client with more complete packages of products. Creating Packages will allow you to sell a combination of products together for a set price; while still giving you the flexibility to mix auto-fulfillment lab items, custom fulfillment products, and digital products. There are an infinite number of ways to price and customize your Packages, ensuring that you can best serve your clients based on your niche of photography. 

Get intentional with your Package combinations and consider creating different package options for every niche that you serve to speak to your client’s needs. 

Refer a Friend with Our Affiliate Program

Have you started putting your CloudSpot Affiliate Program Referral Link to use? You’ll find your unique referral link through the sidebar of your Settings Tab when you click “Refer a Friend.” For each upgraded referral, you’ll receive CloudSpot credit for 100% of your referral’s first month payment with CloudSpot! The value of your referral will be taken off your future CloudSpot payments, saving you money to put back into your business. Those savings will pay off over time as ways to reinvest into your business or personal earnings.

For unique ways to share your Affiliate link, make a CloudSpot account and visit your Refer a Friend page

Incorporate a Call-to-Action Button

Strategically utilizing your Call-to-Action Button for each client gallery will go a long way in increasing your bottom line. There are SO many ways to utilize your Call-to-Action Button! Consider adding a link to your review site to encourage clients to leave quality testimonials (Resulting in more leads and more bookings!) or add a link encouraging clients to order prints and products from your online storefront. Perhaps, you could even include a link for clients to book future sessions? Get creative and think of your clients’ needs! Speak directly to what clients need to continue their experience with your business and provide an easy and clear way for clients to make additional purchases. 

For more Call-to-Action Button usage inspiration, click here

Add a Gallery Sales Banner

Your Sales Banner is a great place to strategically communicate with clients. Sales Banners are displayed at the top of client galleries and communicate short but powerful messages to inform your clients of potential purchasing opportunities. Added a new product like Custom Printed Cards? Share the news with clients in a Sales Banner! Running a print sale for Black Friday? Display a Discount Code to client galleries to encourage sales. Your Sales Banner is a place to communicate potential opportunities to your clients! Clients will appreciate you going the extra mile to communicate with them and will be SO grateful that you did when they receive their prints and products in the mail.

To learn how to incorporate Sales Banners in your Galleries, click here

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