Print Sales

How Photographers Can Easily Make Extra Money


or most photographers, their job feels 100% complete once the images are uploaded to their CloudSpot gallery. No doubt, that’s a nice feeling. But, consider this: for just 10% of the time and effort that you’ve already invested, you can potentially double (if not more) your revenue through product sales (albums and wall art in particular). 

Sound crazy? 

It might be crazier to not offer products to your clients. Think about it: once those images are uploaded, the heavy lifting is finished! You’ve already culled your images, edited and exported them, and are ready to start sharing them with your client. Why not capitalize on those digital files simply sitting in your hard drive and turn them into the revenue they represent? Why not serve your clients as best you can by offering them products they will cherish for the rest of their lives?

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash.

While that may sound scary or difficult, it truly doesn’t have to be.

You’ve already done 90% of the work! Your marketing efforts have worked perfectly to book sessions and events. You’ve braved the client phone calls, the pre-planning, and the job itself. You’ve culled. You've edited. You've uploaded the images to your CloudSpot gallery! There’s just one more step... 

Offering Products

Now, professional labs offer dozens, if not hundreds, of products to choose from. If I’m honest, I know that can feel overwhelming! Too many choices can lead to decision fatigue, but the wrong choice is offering nothing at all. Think of it this way: what would happen if you simply removed those extra choices from the equation for your clients? By simply offering a few specific products that make sense for your brand and your clients’ tastes, you can make purchasing a no-brainer. Are your clients more traditional? Consider a large, framed wall portrait or standard album with a leather cover. Are they more contemporary? Consider a metal wall grouping or a metal cover for your album.

If you’re not currently offering products, you’re deeply missing out on being rewarded both financially and emotionally. You’re so close to providing what your clients are truly interested in: finished products! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at their reaction when they hold those physical photographs in their hands.

And If they’re not interested? You haven’t lost much time; in fact, by just investing a little bit of your time, you’ll have a great setup already prepared for your next client.